Modeling putty

Is there a quick set putty or resin anybody would recommend? I’m still wanting to do a devgru noveske rifle and I was gonna modify and existing noveske nsr rail from key mod to mlok by dremmling out parts of the key holes to mlok pattern but there would be some small areas that would need to be filled. I was wondering if anyone had advice on what I should fill those small gaps with that would set in , I do plan on painting afterwards

I have used Vallejo Plastic Putty in the past, more with plastic models and fantasy metal miniatures. Works weil, can be thinned with water, so you can kind of brush it into gaps. There’s a good tutorial by Vallejo on YouTube. You might want to check that out.

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Green Stuff - swear by it - its the best at bounding with surfaces. Used Revell Putty & Milliput, found they do not always stick to surface, when you start sanding whole lump falls out. Technique I have developed to reduce this problem, is to put a small amount of superglue on surface, gives putty something to bond with, I can then sculpt away.

If using Greenstuff, dip sculpting tool into vaseline helps avoid tool getting stuck & enables you to get really nice smooth finish.

Have some DAS clay as well, its good, but tend to use on large projects. My go to is always greenstuff

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