Modeling Toys MMS9003 U.S. Navy SEAL Underway Boarding Unit


Costume :
BWD Underway Combat Shirt (MASS Gray) x 1
BWD Underway Combat Pants (MASS Gray) x 1
6094-UW Modular Plate Carrier (MASS Gray) x 1
9010A Modular Single MIKE-4 12 Mag Pouch (MASS Gray) x 1
9012B Modular Single 9mm Pouch (MASS Gray) x 1
6074A Utility Storage Pouch Mass Grey (MASS Gray) x 1
6701B Habd Carrying Pouch (MASS Gray) x 1
9039A Modular Assault Pack (MASS Gray) x 1
2645A Kangaroo Shingle 6094 Mag Pouch Bungee (BLK) x 1
9016A Modular 12 RD. (BLK) x 1
Battery Holder (CT) x 2
9022B-T Pouch w/ Medical Kit (CB) x 1
HELO Personal Retention Lanyard (CB) x 1
Tactical Ordnance CQBW Sling (CB) x 1
Half-Cut Balaclava (BLK) x 1
DRI-T Shirt Custom Velcro Sleeves (BLK) x 1
Yates Harness(BLK) x 1
CQB Riggers Rescue Belt (BLK) x 1
Tactical Flotation Support System (TFSS) (OD) x 1 Pairs
Fixed Blade Knife MOLLE Sheath (BLK) x 1
1933D SLUNG Weapons Catch Retention Holster Belt (OD) x 1
Helmet Bungee Cord x 3
Bungee Sling x 1
US Flag Patch x 1
Don’t Fxxk w/US Patch x 1
Danger Close Mission Patch x 1
NKDA Blood Type Patch x 1
Pirate Jack Patch x 1
The Tribe Patch x 1

Head Sculpture “Ryan” x 1
Body w/Relaxed Hands x 1
Palms: Mechanic’s Fire Resistant Glove Hands x 3

Accessories :
Fast Base Jump Helmet x 1
TEC Charge MPLS x 1
L-3 AN/PVS-31 GEN3 Binocular Night Vision Device (BNVD) x 1
L3 AN/PVS-31 Battery Pack x 1
L4 G24 Breakaway Lever Mount x 1
Maritime Low Noise Headset w/ Optional Bail-Out Plug x 1
Maritime Ver. U94 Push To Talk (PTT) x 1
SF CR123A Batteries x 6
Radiator Sunglasses x 1
Syndicate SK8 Boots x 1
Nimravus Tanto Comboedge Fixed Blade Knife x 1
HABD2 x 1
Serpa CQC Matte Holster w/Serpa Jacket Slot Duty Belt Loop x 1
AN/PRC148 (MBITR) Radio x 1
Paramedic Scissors x 1
Core All Black Watch x 1
Tri-Fold Restraints Handcuffs x 1
Cyalume Infrared IR Chem- Tactical Light x 2
MK141 MOD 0 x 2

Weapons :
MK24 Pistol w/Rubber Finger Groove Grips x 1
MK24 15 Round Magazine x 3
MCS Tactical Shotgun w/Tactical Breacher Choke x 1
Shotgun Shell x 6
HK416 Enhanced Carbine Rifle w/RAHG Type Rail 10.5 Inch Custom + Overmolded Pistol GRIP AR-15 Rubber + CTR Carbine Stock x 1
EMAG™ x 6
SR 1X3X9 Sighting System x 1
Glass Breaker x 1
Suppressor x 1
SF M600B Scout Light x 1
AN/PEQ-15 Integrated Pointer Illuminator Module (IPIM) x 1
MOE RVG (Rail Vertical Grip) x 1
Tube Reservoir Kit x 1
Quick Detactable Sling Swivel Button x 2

Mannequin Bust & Ladder Are Not Included

Apparently the initially shipped quantities of this release are full of quality control problems to the point where the are having to engage with a new factory. At this point it should be avoided.

Bumping this into the new releases section for visibility in case anyone had this on order or was considering it.

I have only bought the patches and these are really good with fine Details. Like the good ones from E&S. From what i have seen at BBICN it is just worth to buy some loose parts from this Figure. Specially the Uniform, vest and some gear.

Several retailers have stated they will no longer carry the brand. From the limited comments it seems like all of the comments are on the plastic parts which are assembled badly or very poor quality. The fabric items might be ok but I would still take caution as these were the original reason for delay as several items had to be remade due to poor quality. Their distributor halted shipments 2 months ago.

Seems a bit strange as their first releases didn’t seem to get too many negative comments. In general with many of the OEM’s quality control has gone way down in the last year or two.

I have bought the complete figure. The fabric items are good. The uniform is a little bit bulky, specially the shirt. The plate carrier is great. The HK reminds me a little bit at DiD, I don’t like it. The body doesn’t work for me. I prefer Damtoys and Soldier Story much more.

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