Modern CIA GRS



Hi Guys, I try to make a kitbash of a modern CIA GRS in Multicam ARID, like the first pics.
I wanted to know which gun they used ?
Is it a TAN HK 416 with a specific rail ?
Does it exist in 1/6 ?

I was under the impression that the Arid guy was SF/CIF? If he’s GRS, though, perfect - more camo options!

The rifle - I think it’s just a MK18 variant. I’m pretty sure that he lowers are not 416 (slanted magwell), and the uppers have what look like Daniel Defense hand guards - or maybe a similar variant. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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They’re definitely a mk18 variant but it’s not a dd hand rail, I’m 90% sure those are knights armament sr16 e3’s, atleast the rail is knights, you can tell from the vent hole shapes and also the integrated qd sling mounts.the same blaster CAG is trialing now, definitely the one of the best m4’s money can buy right now

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