Modernized PKM

Some of the newer Zenitco pieces here.


Will there ever a modernized PKM in 1/6? This one looks good.

Modernized PKM? Heck, we need a REGULAR PKM in 1:6 first!

PKM and PKP would make for a seemingly obvious weapon set standalone release given you could spin off multiple variations while reusing portions of the tooling to optimize costs then follow that up with standalone gunner figures. Heck you could use bits of those for a UKM-2013P or earlier variants of that one as well.

Wow, that is slick looking, I too would love to see that in our realm.

That sure looks slick! I remember I saw a small middle eastern man shooting the PKM in a news footage…man, does that have some kick! I mean with each round he fired, he was moving backwards! LOL!

It would be cool seeing HobbyNuts or ZY Toys tackle this.

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Interesting, Aimpoint COMPM4 red dot and magnifier combo.

Ready to HALO, right out of the trunk…

It would be interesting to see how he secures the PKM.

I wonder about that too. By the way, the source claimed he’s from the SOBR unit. Didn’t know that police units come with HALO gear.

It is nice you to see, but in 1/6 scale…only H&G, my metal PKM which is like H&G, and Jon’s PKM has ever been done to my knowledge… There might have been a plastic version, although I don’t know who made it.

Mike has got a resin and a metal PKM from Jon.

I’ve also got an H&G metal/wood PKM, as well as a Warpaint Studios resin PKM.

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Isn’t that an awesome PKM?!!!

In historical context, maybe not as strange as it sounds. I believe some of Goering’s first paratroopers were a volunteer police unit, c.1930s.

The French National Gendarmes had parachute-qualified personnel in their mobile unit(s), designated at various times as EPGM and EPIGN, and working with GIGN .


Excellent upgrades. Maybe time to score one of those cheap buildable kits (2D or 3 D or something like that?), and do some custom work like this.

DAM did a PKM didn’t they? just a standard one, but it’s a start.

Only the PKP with the 78025.