Monkey Depot's ordering system probs

I’ve had a couple of issues recently, getting orders paid for, requiring all sorts of gymnastics, and even a phone call, once. At least I managed to get the items, after some negotiation.
Tonight, I put a number of items in the basket, sent thru my PayPal, and it bounced me. I defaulted to a credit card, and again, the autobot gave me a gibbberish page. When i tried again, my basket had been picked over.

I sent an email, asking them to get the bugs out. The lost items, not going to change my life, or the course of history. The problem is, for years I have worked with M-D, but life’s too short to play games with bum programs.

Yeah I saw on their page that they listed that there were problems with ordering. Makes me thankful that I really only buy weapons and full box figures and I get most of them through Adam.

It looks like Volusion was having some issues with their payment gateway earlier in the week. Says it has been fixed but perhaps not. The CC processing and paypal would be separate payment gateways but both are still tied to the Volusion software/hardware hosting the site. You would have hoped at least one of them would be working. One of the pain points when your ecommerce software is hosted by a third party as you generally can’t really do much other than report issues as you have no hardware level access. In this case, the fix earlier in the week was literally rebooting something. We’ve come far in IT but at the end of the day the fix is often just powering something off then on.

i got an email reply that night, apologetic, with suggestions for circumventing the issue. Seems like things should be improving, or at least maintaining the original workability.
Oh brave new world…

Sorry, this one is a bit off topic, but after hearing Monkey Depot and payment problems this came to my mind.
It’s kind of a memorial thread to me. Never seen so much passion caused by frustration.

That was hilarious, in a sad kind of way. Thanks for sharing.

Every so often, we’d get an energetic thread at OSW, over service/payment issues. It seemed to me that getting the right person alerted at M-D was the most important fix. At times, not every order filler was as accurate, and I’m not sure the right people answered phones and emails. Many’s the good dealer who’s had a stumble in their life, their staff, or a site glitch. Brady was, in my experience, pretty easy to get along with, tho he could get his back up, if things got out of hand.

As we all know, this can be a strange hobby some times, as we are not that long down out of the trees.