Movie: Uri The Surgical Strike 2019

It is an Indian movie. Your going to need subtitles. I thought this movies was very well done. Lots of action scenes. I am going out on the limb and say…4 out of 5 stars… Like I said, a very well done movie.

That looks pretty cool, thanks for sharing. The kits remind me of Chinese SOF, at least the one’s we’ve seen in 1/6th.

This is done way better than Chinese Hong hai xing dong (2018) or OPERATION RED SEA. That movie I would only give about 3 stars.

Looks like a fun movie. It would be really cool to get a 1/6 figure with the Indian Army’s CE type woodland camo and an INSAS rifle.

What I said in another section of this forum, we will have our Indian soldier 1/6 :blush:

That is funny you said that. After the movie I said to myself, why hasn’t an Indian soldier been made yet? India makes up about 1/5 of the world population. So why hasn’t the manufacturers tapped into that market? Dam finally made Chinese and found that there was a market internationally but more importantly in the domestic market. Now we have Chinese galore! But not India… Funny uh…

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Looks interesting and will be on my list. Still didn’t finish Triple Frontier though!

TF…good, but not that good.