MP5k Conversion

Hello all, put together a project I know you should enjoy! A ways back I purchased a MP5 from Loading Toys and the quality is similar to a Hasbro Gi Joe weapon. Since the MP5 from VTS-027 is barebones I had the inclination to upgrade! My work isn’t the cleanest but an exacto knife and a file did the job well.

Loading toys MP5:

VTS MP5 (VTS-027)

I originally owned a hasbro MP5 kit that had a complete breakdown kit with various parts. I applied two different grip/hand guards.

The conversion to luxury:

The existing holo sight was junk and molded plastic so I forCed to cut it off. With that said the pre-existing rails were too wide so I filed them down and replaced them with spare picatinny rail from from a destroyed M4. I also upgraded the holographic site to a damtoy product.


Inspiration: MP5 RIS Rays Rail Kit



Very nice little project Wally and good use of those 2 different MP5ks! I have always liked the look of that RAS on the MP5. Now she just needs a stock to complete the look.

Do you have any more pics of the various accessories that the old Hasbro weapon kit came with? I got my hands on the SIG and LR-300 kits, but wasn’t aware that there was also an MP5 version.

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This was original kit, comes with a UMP as well. Another really cool kit from hasbro:

Hopefully ES will continue complete breakdown/conversion kits, similar to what they are currently teasing with the FAL.


It’s a shame that F2000 was so much undersized.


A stock is a good idea, I have this spare from an ES SIG LVAW, just need to figure out how to attach it…

Something like this would be great too:


Hey wally that looks super sneaky. Great looking conversion of a great classic. I don’t think it needs a stock mate it looks great like that :+1:


Thanks Darren, I think I’m going to leave as is, like you suggested!

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Nice upgrades. I’m a big fan of the rails on the front of MP-5’s. Love how well that rail system came together for you. Did you use the rail system from that old Zacca M4.

Those GI Joe modular kits are still nice even if you just want to look at them and not get too worried about detail.

That last pic of the folding stock, I think the old Intoys MP-5 had that stock. Not the best details on those sets as well, but a plain folding stock like that, the detail should be just fine.

I spy the Damtoys Ranger Tom Hardy head. Did you use the body that was with it? I have just the head, but I am wondering which body came with it, the old ACE style body, or the newer DAM bodies.

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I actually used the rail system from an off-brand that I think only had a few items they put out years ago. The brand is Loading toys and I used their SAS figure that is modeled off one of the Call of Duty games from the 2000’s. Although, I was able to track down which rail you were referring to!?

This is much more detail and desirable but I would hate to cut it up. I definitely know I have ruined a few pieces here and there trying to customize. In fact, the worst mistake I’ve made was trying to dye a couple plate carriers.

I can’t agree more, the Hasbro kits are definitely cool for the time and what they are! Most aren’t too bad if the scale was correct for them. In particular the MP5 and UMP from that set is big and bulky. The G36 set was decent but I never got my hands on any other sets.
I do have a few folding stocks laying around, one from the hasbro set as well as a proportional sized MP5 also from hasbro that could do the job. Alternatively, if I was crazy on the detail for this thing I would track down the MP5k from VTS that has the folding stock.
Good eye on the Tom Hardy Head, a bit of a place holder for me. I know how rare it is and want to equip it on a good kitbash at some point, but I just haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I recently found it on ebay and it seems to be the original Damtoys body, no detailed muscles, joints are pretty loose and modern body DAM foot pegs would not fit.

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Could you elaborate on the problems you faced with the plate carriers? Like what brand were they from, what dye you used, etc.

I’ll have to track them down for photos. I just used general Rit fabric dye. In particular, I used the beige plate carrier from the Soldier story German KSM figure. I got it for dirt cheap and really wanted a black plate carrier and thought, what the heck? The plate carrier took the coloring but the netting and molle strapping remained beige in color. Another was the Armshead’s AOR2 plate carrier, thankfully I tested a pistol pouch before making the same mistake. Straps just don’t take fabric dye it seems. I’m sure someone out there may have a better method to get colors they want.

The problem I think is that you used the all-purpose dye, when perhaps their synthetic dye would be more appropriate, given the composition of the plate carrier. Then there’s the question of how long you let it dye, as well as whether you used the color intensifier also made by rit in order to deepen and set the colors. I myself have sourced a similar synthetic dye called iDye, which comes in black (as opposed to the synthetic rit version where the darkest one is graphite), and includes color intensifier in each packet. I might try dying a few jackets and pouches, just to see the results.

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I appreciate the tip, I’ll definitely give it a try! I was kicking myself for ruining a piece.

No problem! I first tested the synthetic rit dye on two sets of the NJPC and belt from the DAM NSWDG AOR1 figure without the color fixer, and the pattern was still visible albeit darker. Plus all the buckles got warped beyond use from the heat. It would probably work fine with the color fixer, though I think you would have to boil stuff in water with the fixer added in after doing the dying, then wash and dry. Whereas with the iDye it seems like you can put in the dye and color intensifier at the same time. It’s up to you which to use, though I suspect rit might be a bit more efficient.

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I’ll give it another run at some point! Curious to see how your work turned out. Thanks.

Those HT M4’s from the PMC figure, and the PMC rifle sets were nice, even if they were a bit big. I’d be hard pressed to chop one up too. But that front rail section is quite nice. It would be perfect to shrink down, and maybe 3D print for the MP-5.

I’ll have to find a body for my Hardy. Pretty sure it was the early ACE style DAM body on the early release considering when it came out, but I honestly have no idea.