Mp7 gunner

Was thinking about doing a dg mp7 gunner bash, does anyone know roughly how many spare mags they carry? I read the mark owen interview about it but it was pretty short on info

There appears to be a lot of airsoft references about this, but I basically did an image search, looking for rigs on operators, and commercial tactical pouches and chest rigs.
These seem to be three to five pouches (each pouch appearing to hold a single magazine), for the 40 round magazine. Many images show four mags being carried, in addition to the mag in the weapon. That would be 200 rounds, IF the mags are topped off (the loading of magazines with 1-2 less than capacity being a practice used by some, to avoid problems).

Spare mags in cargo pockets, or packs? If this is the guy’s primary, and maybe depending on his job, maybe he wants extra. There are some real variables there.

^Agree with Murakami. All of the ref pics I’ve seen of NSWDG types, plus reading Owen’s book, indicates that they went for mobility over firepower - that is, running their kit as slick as possible. I’d stick with 4 mags on the front of the PC, and no more.

Sounds interesting. All of my JSOC bashes have 7 rifle mags each, with one in their guns and the rest either on their PCs or belts. I feel that such a number allows for an optimal balance between firepower and mobility. Although if you think that even that many is too excessive, then I suppose that I could always pear it down to 4 mags per operator as you suggest. It would certainly save me a lot money and MOLLE real estate on future bashes, as I wouldn’t need to buy 3 mag pouches for each of them, and I already have more than enough to give each of the 8 bashes that I plan to make in the future a single pouch. I might need to buy a few more of the TACO pouches for both my CAG Sniper and upcoming designated marksman figures, as I plan to get both of them 1/6 scale crye SPCs in the future, which lack integrated 5.56 mag pouches. Especially the DM will have either a recce M110 or M110A1, and those pouches are some of the only ones in 1/6 scale that can fit 7.62 mags. I will say that the battle belts of my current figures look amazing as they currently are, but practicality trumps aesthetics in my book.

A friend, who ran with SF teams in two theaters, started out carrying a lot of magazines for his M4. After the first couple of times out, he reduced the number of magazines, finding that he didn’t need as many, and could use the reduced weight. His primary job meant that the kinetic output was handled by the others, as he did his part.

It would be neat if there were more 1/6 chest rigs for SMGs, particularly the MP7. That would offer some leeway in outfitting figures with something besides PCs with dedicated pouches.

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Thanks for the replies, think I’ll try 4 spare on an s&s pc, I like that look best for slickness

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