MSE x Easy & Simple Barrett MRAD

Item N°

Mission Specific Equipment

  • MSE0001-A


  • Barrett Firearms Manufacturing MRAD (BROWN) :us:
  • Barrett MRAD C Mag .338 (10rd) x4+1
  • Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×50mm
  • Nightforce NXS Sunshade
  • EOTech ATPIAL AN/PEQ-15 Laser
  • Barrett MRAD Atlas Bipod
  • Picatinny Rails Long x2
  • Picatinny Rails Short x2

This was MSE’s first rifle, if I remember correctly. I considered now buying this for almost 3 years, because I am not that much into sniper rifles, however the execution and detail of this model looked outstanding. In hand I have to say it’s even more impressive. Nicely done!

The 98B would have been even better, but I am not complaining.

Box and content

The provided black mag should be a good opportunity to pose for pics.

However it’s too wide and doesn’t fit

Atlas Bipod

This part MSE/E&S still manages to produce looking very cheap.

At least mine is very stiff and not so flimsy

AN/PEQ-15 Laser

Text is smudged.

MRAD C Magazine 10rd


Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x25mm says on the scope, but it doesn’t seem to exist.



The plain rifle

The logos

Working safety switch

Foldable stock. General Sam reviewed this one, too, on OSW and complained about a loose stock. Fortunately, I didn’t encounter that on my rifle. When unfolding the stock, just press the black button you would press IRL to release/fold the stock after you unfolded it and it will remain in place,

Charging handle fits partially into the stock


Adjustable shoulder and cheek piece

A rail to mount a sling or something else?

Picitanny rails to mount were a bit loose so I added some glue to the pins to make it a tighter fit.
Also works with loose attachments. Put a very thin needle into glue and go along the inner rails of attachments like scopes, lasers, lights etc. Let it harden till it’s still slightly soft, slide it on the rail to shape it, take it off, let it harden completely and then it gives a tight fit. Gluing attachments to rails I was never a fan of!

Working charging handle



2 takedown pins

Using the stand without the display mag

Slightly bent barrel. This time not downwards, what E&S is famous for, but to the left.



Sums up for me, it’s just an awesome piece. Everything is quite stiff like charging handle, foldable stock etc, what I prefer over loose.

All versions for reference

With figure

Another nice review. Never picked this one up either but it does look really good.


Could someone give me an advice on the lighting. It’s always so yellow indoors. I tried white balance and ISO, but no real difference at some pics!


these are great pics

If you will in the future, no problem. It’s limited edition, but sold not so well I guess due to the still available stock everywhere.
If you go for one don’t pay more than USD 35-40. BOT has them on sale at the moment for 34,96. If they have free domestic shipping, you can’t do anything wrong.

Nice shots! What camera are you using? I need a new one myself.

It’s only a very cheap CANON Digital IXUS 80 IS. Little settings, so I quite struggle with the light temperature and a lot of my pics turn out yellow. Still working on that issue. Try to improve!

Thanks, it’s a nice rifle.

Found out, finally!!!

Lighting and color temps can be a bit tricky with indoors as many cameras and lenses will struggle with basic indoor lighting. Adobe Lightroom is a great program for processing images as you can adjust color temperature, exposure, etc. It works best when photos are shot in “raw” mode, something not all cameras will do. The simplest thing most people find is your typical basic light box setup. These are usually sold as fabric tents, with the idea being you have a light source shoot (ie off camera flash) or shine (fixed lighting on either side) through the fabric, which diffuses the light to eliminate some shadows and the harsh look of lighting. Every light source has it’s own color temperature, much like different types of light bulbs, so depending on the color sometimes colored plastic filters are used over light sources if they have too much of a color cast. Ultimately a software like lightroom is used anyways as most people will do correction there after taking photos.

Here is a quick after version of one of your photos after a very basic 10-15 seconds of adjusting in lightroom.

@AdamC Lots to check out. Thanks for your advices.