MSE x Easy & Simple "SCAR PDW " (ZERT Z Squadron Urban Sniper)

Item N°

Mission Specific Equipment

  • MSE-XP004 [full figure]


  • FN SCAR PDW (BLK) :belgium:
  • Magpul EMAG 5.56×45mm (30rd) x5+1
  • Aimpoint Micro H-1 Red Dot Sight
  • FN SCAR Flip Up Rear Sight
  • Steiner DBAL-A3 Dual Beam Laser
  • CAA Magwell Foregrip
  • SureFire SOCOM 556 Mini Monster
  • Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate x3

The loose set

I applied the bar code myself, because I had plenty left over from all the E&S SCARs I bought. Besides the sticker distracts a bit from the ZERTy look.

This is the actual ZERT gear, I replaced by plain black parts. In the end I even switched the H-1 for a SRS.


Micro H-1. Has the orange/beige sight the lever to tighten it on the rail on the wrong side?

Rear iron sight

Front flip up sight


Ranger Plate can only be removed on the ZERT mags

I actually needed to apply tape inside of the back of the lower receiver to make the mags remain inside properly

Dual Beam Laser

Magwell Foregrip

SureFire Mini Monster

CAL 5,56MM

With glassbreaker. It got the same smudged spot like the General’s Armoury silencer from the GA 0002, which was released recently. E&S should fix that for future releases.

Plain rifle

Working charging handle

You should be able to remove the handle itself to reload, but mine was put in too tight and as always I didn’t dare

Retractable stock

Unfortunately the stock can’t be locked in place by this lever like the Soldier Story MP5.

Working fire selector.

The clown version


Geared up properly

With SRS

Disassembling the lower receiver

Here the figure pics.

This is the the SCAR PDW from the MSE exclusive figure, which was released with an olive lower receiver.


Another nice review. This one I don’t actually have due to all the Z.E.R.T. stuff all over it.

With a change of accessories like @chpo did with his they come across nicely. I’m hoping they’ll revisit it in the more traditional FN colors, it’s one of my favorite pieces in recent times.

Thank you.

I’ll do some pics with a figure later. Totally forgot this time.

On a side note, FN just announced this would be commercially produced as the SCAR-SC

That’s pretty darn cool.

This one should be the CAA magwell grip. Funny you should mention MILSIG as they are a local company here. Just put one of these PDWs together today, nice piece. Only downfall is the magwell seems to be sized incorrectly like you experienced. Not sure about yours chpo, but the one i had had a rubberized/glue like substance inside. Removed that as it was not letting the mag sit at the right height and used blu-tack instead.

I had to somehow figure out the name of the grip and I came out with finding Milsig, however it was paintball equipment.
I will correct that later.

You bought one, too?

I picked up a few of them. I usually don’t care much for the Zert paint schemes but it is a really interesting weapon. Dug it out earlier today as I’ve been building a few weapon rack for the cabinets.

Milsig manufactures custom paintball weapons and also sells airsoft stuff, so they likely just rebranded a knock off of the CAA piece as CAA makes an airsoft version as well.

Sounds great, but I wish like you they would come in a different colour pattern. Maybe closer to real life.

But in the end it’s a nice piece. Did you apply any sling? I couldn’t find any that fits and looks good.

Haven’t gotten around to slings yet. Need to stock up on some more. Wish E&S would include them with their stand alone rifle sets.

@AdamC I switched the lower but kept the grip. This is what they should have shipped in the first place. All parts are ES.

Black painted foregrip is even nicer


Definitely makes more sense and looks much better with the black lower given the camo pattern.

I picked up one of these a few months back. Overall it was a pretty nice piece.

I did notice that some of the accessories had a pretty loose fit onto the rifle though, which seemed to be uncommon for the E&S/MSE releases. It may have to get the white glue treatment to keep some of the bits in place.

That switch to the black lower looks pretty sharp.

Is this more or less the same SCAR that comes with the new E&S PMC Sniper? I think that one may have a longer upper, but it looks close. And the bigger main mag.

The 60rd mag won’t hold in place. It’s not big enough. I prefer the standard SCAR mags anyway.

The upper on this one is the shorter PDW, otherwise the same, except for the muzzle and the grip.

Actually, the rifle has a standard upper, not a PDW upper. The only thing from the PDW is the stock.

(edit: just reread your post, not sure if you were referring to the ZERT SCAR or the Urban Sniper SCAR. Both have PDW stocks. The ZERT one has a PDW upper, the Urban Sniper one has a standard upper)

I didn’t use the 60-round Surefire mag with mine either. I loaded it into an SS M4. And I swapped the black grooved pistol grip from the E&S Breacher SCAR-L with the standard pistol grip from this rifle - so this one now has a fully black lower, and the Breacher SCAR-L has a “regular” tan configuration.

Thanks Scrib, I hadn’t looked too closely at the two versions, and I only have the ZERT one on hand. I was referring to the uppers on the two SCARs.

I couldn’t agree more - this looks SO much better with the black lower. Nice job!

FYI - The camo on the upper appears to be ‘multicam black’. I tried my hand at this camo scheme recently on a custom SCAR sniper rifle. I’ll share some pics of what I can up with soon.

Does anyone know if the extendable stock is completely removable? I’m really wanting to kitbash GA’s HK433 into the compact version when it comes out.

You need to break it off. Only the collapsible part can be easily exchanged.

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