MSE x Easy & Simple XP004 Z.E.R.T. Z Squadron Sniper Team "Black Jack"


E&S Buddy Body 1.0
Jack Osbourne Authorized Headsculpt

Black Watch Cap
Futuristic Gas Mask Respirator
Padded Undersuit (Black)
Kitanica Mk V Jacket
Kitanica Gen 2 All Season Pants
Lowa Zephyr Desert Mid TF Boots
Mechanix MPACT Gloves
Arcteryx LEAF Kneepads
LBT-0612A Riggers Belt
Cobra Duty Belt

Body Armor, Pouches & Packs:
High Speed Gear AO Small Chest Rig
G-Code Scorpion Holster x3
Barrett 10rd Mag Pouch
Dropleg Panel
TACO 556 Pouch x2
TAG PRC-148 Radio Pouch
511 Sling Bag Backpack
Duffle Bag with Straps

NSW Invisio Headset M3
PRC-148 Radio

Primary Weapon:
MRAD Short Barrel Sniper Rifle
Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 3.5-10x40mm ON Larue Mount
Atlas Bipods
ZERTified MRAD Mag x4
OSS Flash Hider and Suppressor
Black Rifle Sling

Secondary Weapon:
Micro T1 (Red Dot Sight)
DBAL-2 (Dual Beam Aiming Laser)
Magwell Foregrip
Surefire 556 Flash Hider
Surefire Suppressor 5.56 SOCOM556-MINI MONSTER
ZERTified Magpul Emag x6

M1911 XSE Government Model
Surefire M332 Weapon Light
Safariland 6004 Tactical Holster

VIP Strobe Light
M-67 Frag Grenade
M-18 Smoke Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
FNH USA Combat Knife & Sheath
Cyalume Red Light Sticks x4
Carabiners x4
Gear Rope
Military Emergency Tourniquet

Ace of Spades Skull
Diaper Dooty Gas Mask
Black Cat Z Squadron
Keep Calm & Kill
Red USA Flag