Multicam parka

Does anybody know which manufacturers have produced a multicam winter parka or jacket? I know of just one example, the Future Soldier figure from Very Hot Toys a decade back.

Hmm can’t think of anything cold weather in multicam off the top of the head. The jacket from the Soldier Story SF expo figure might be a fit. It is a lit bit thicker than most as it as has a lining inside. I’ll keep a look out as I go through archiving some of the older product announcements.

Not familiar with the VHT future soldier figure, but they did release a decent looking parka with their PMC 2.0 figure (VHT-0907) some time ago. Not sure if this is the same figure that you are talking about or no). VHT quality has never been fantastic and while this may be a cheap option, it is probably not your best.

Meanwhile, DAM has also released a winter parka in the British MPT pattern with their Royal Marines Commando figure (DAM-78023 / Bear Grylls). This is close enough to multicam that it should serve very nicely.

Finally, there is the Task Force CB British MTP uniform set which also comes with a decent looking winter coat.