Multicam shirt with AOR2 rig

Good day guys.

I was wondering if it’s correct to use a multicam shirt with an AOR2 chest rig. Color shades are almost the same, but camo is different.

Will it look good or should I try to get a multicam Chest Rig instead?

Depends on what you’re trying to depict - NSW/SEAL/DEVGRU? Guess that would be a possible and plausible combination.

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Yeah, I’d say go for it! What MadQuack said ^

I guess I will go for a DEVGRU escort figure in civvies.

Civvies plus AOR chest rig? Will you scrap the MC?

well, could be. I don’t have too many options. I bought the NSWDG AOR2 figure, but vans and black shirts I don’t like them that much.

I was thinking either use a full MC uniform or denim and Multicam shirt instead of the black shirt.

I want to hear your thoughts on possible combinations… regards

Personally, I don’t like that figure, too much, with its “civvie” style. That worked well on DAm’s DEA figure, but not here, in my opinion. Also, as far as I understand, the gear (PC, helmet) is more appropriate for a “vanilla” SEAL, while the HK 416 is certainly mor elike DEVGRU. Personal close protection would rather be a job for DEVGRU, I believe, so if you want to use the rig and maybe PC, I would rather go for a full MC uniform to match and depict a “normal” SEAL. For a DEVGRU operator in cilvilian outfit, you could still use the rig, but probably some other PC underneath (JPC, AVS?!).
There are people here who would know a lot more about that, than me, though…

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I never understood why they didn’t give him a MK18. Nothing about it says NSWDG.

That being said, I think it would look great with MC or AOR2 uniform

I agree, Mk18 would have made much better sense. It’s kind of a thrown together figure, although with some nice parts! NSWDG is probably a sales argument…

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