Multifun MF007 Quarantine Zone Agent

Partlist: protective suit
4.cargo pants
5.low visibility body armor
6.tactical boots
7.single sling backpack
8.knee pads
9.drop leg pouches
10. leg holster
11.1911 pistol
12.custom SCAR-L
13.yellow duct tape

without body and head

Looks interesting but i think it is more like Minitimes. Not much parts includet. The Division in cheap.

I suspect it is just another Very Hot sub-brand, like Minitimes, MCtoys, Firegirl, etc. I get they are trying to capitalize on The Division but most of these rebranded sets have made some very strange choices of what equipment to make, usually obscure alternate DLC outfits from the game. There are a number of characters they could do just as cheaply as a project that would have broader appeal, like the LMB soldiers for example or the various factions in the game.

I like that forward grip on the SCAR

The foregrip looks like MiniTimes to me. Then Adam is right: Very Hot.

Looks like some fun gear for another The Division bashes.