МВД "Гром" (MVD "Grom") Counter-Narcotics Officer, St. Petersburg 2021

Here’s another one that’s been in the making for awhile:

The Main Directorate for Drugs Control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (Russian: Главное управление по контролю за оборотом наркотиков Министерства внутренних дел Российской Федерации, ГУКОН), also known as GUKON, is a law enforcement agency responsible for the regulation of narcotics and the investigation of drug crimes in Russia. It was established by presidential decree on 4 April 2016, replacing the old FSKN, and is part of the larger MVD. (Wiki)

Like its predecessors - the FSKN and OSN before that - GUKON’s tactical unit is known as Grom. I think it’s fair to say that their American counterpart is the DEA’s SRT. Although the unit shares jurisdiction with the FSB, it has a unique unit “look” that seems to have remained intact after the dissolution of FSKN: SURPAT everything. Because SURPAT is one of my favourite patterns (being a sort-of CADPAT copy), I’ve wanted to tackle this subject for awhile.

MVD “Grom” Officer


  • Footwear - Byteks Summer boots “Cobra”, black (DAM)
  • Outerwear - BTK Group VKBO 8th layer winter suit, SURPAT (DAM)
  • Gloves - Splav “Force” gloves, black (DAM)
  • Patches - 2x MordorTac “Flash” patch, yellow (DAM)
  • Bucket - Gear Craft LSHZ 1+ Low Cut, PVS-14, Predator patch, helmet light (DAM)
  • Ear pro - MSA Sordin, OD (TCT)
  • Face cover - MordorTac “Rouge” bandana, black (DAM)
  • BEW - Splav “Kite” goggle (SS)

1st Line

  • Warbelt - SSO/SPOSN “Sparrow”, black (DAM)
  • Dump pouch - WarTech UP-114 “Roll”, black (MC)
  • Butt pouch - SRVV “3-Day” butt pack, black (DAM)
  • Comms - SRVV “RP-L” + Motorola, black (DAM + SS)
  • Cuffs - zip-cuffs, yellow (DAM)
  • Holster - East Military “Slot”, ATACS FG (DAM)

2nd Line

  • PC - MordorTac “Impulse” plate carrier, black (DAM)
  • Flag - Russian Federation subdued (DAM)
  • LBE - SRVV “Rig”, black (DAM)
  • AK large - WarTech “Ratnik” MP-108, black (DAM)
  • AK shingles - 2x SSO/SPOSN “AKM 1-4”, black (DAM)
  • GP - SRVV “V-1” Utility pouch, black (DAM)
  • Admin - SRVV Admin pouch, black (MC)


  • Pistol - MP 443 Grach (DAM)
  • SMG - Izhmash PP-19 Vityaz, Zenitco furniture, EOTech 552, Zenitco light/FG (DAM)

MVD “Grom” Officer

After the IR flags fell off…




dude this is amazing!!!


Yeah that is a pretty freakin cool bash.


Love your posts canuck , it’s like a school class on the military and yeah! The bash is excellent to. Keep it going mate top job once again. :+1:

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Awesome figure.

Another well done alternative unit with current parts from other kits. A fine kitbash.

The light on the PP-19 is very cool. I don’t remember seeing that part before.

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I wonder how much pressure these guys find themselves under, from the various players?

Putin’s forcing so many security forces from their relative independence into the “national guard” (paranoid needfor central control).

The. incredible financial power of the drug concerns, their private (often experienced military and specops) enforcers, control of corrupt officials, and members if the security forces.

The dangers of success in Russia.

It seems that the heavy alloy helmets are used less, perhaps in heavy assault applications. Numbers of remarks by operators cite the tiring effects of prolinged wear.

All in all, an intriguing figure, Michael. I do not envy them their job.

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Great figure. Awesome…that is all I can say about it…awesome!!!

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Thanks everyone! Part of the fun for me is the research, and I gotta pass it on!

cdn_rhino - agreed, I love the unusual foregrips the Russians use. It’s from the SOBR Lynx (Gorka) figure

Murakami - interesting points for sure. Every “problem” other countries face - drugs, insurgency, terrorism - seems to be magnified in Russia, which is reflected in the attitudes/kitting of the operators. (Something which has been in the current government’s drive towards power consolidation). Regarding helmets, it’s definitely interesting to see the gradual switch from heavy Rys-T/Altyn types towards the Western-style high cuts. Even conventional infantry helmets are annoyingly heavy, especially with NODs, and they tend to limit situational awareness by partially covering the ears. I imagine traditional Spetsnaz helmets, although protective, make the issue much worse. In some ways, mobility and situational awareness may offer more protection than actual armour.

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