My current W.I.P bashes

Greetings all,

After lurking for months and finally sitting down and fleshing out some of my ideas, I decided to post some of my current works in progress. All are at varying stages, with some simply needing pouches “stuffed” or the other extreme of needing heads and kit.

Please excuse the photos. I was going to start building a better lightbox before everything started shutting down.

BBi 5.11 figure/ Blackwater

I tried to keep this as close to the original base figure with only a few upgrades. I still need to fill out the vest a bit more.

Vietnam SOG

I used mainly ACE parts with a few Dragon pieces tucked away here and there.

French SF

Most of this is the SS French figure. I am debating between a 417 or 416 for the rifle. I was never a fan of the MP7 on the set so I want to do something different. The hardest part is the pouches matching the color scheme of the vest.


Mostly the E&S CAG Breacher figure. I used the MSE Mark Forester Uniform for now. I would like one that fits a DAM body better. This one is very baggy. I also used the DAM slim body Norman Reedus head instead of the bald Fichtner. I need to adjust the vest a bit more and add some other minor odds and ends to be completely happy/

Russian female contractor

This bash just needs to be weathered. I have been meaning to do it, but I just can’t pull that trigger yet.

US female contractor/ CIA

This bash has been in the think tank for a while. I needed Hot Toys to release the Captain Marvel figure, they did just as more countries started shutting down. The vest is still a heavy WIP as most pouches are about the same size as the vest itself.

Casual shooter

This bash started as an idea of a 13 Hours style bash. Having watched the movie Extraction, I am leaning towards a bash of one of the guys towards the end giving cover fire. This bash may just wind up as an accompanying bash to the one above.

Bashes I have in progress:

Ghost from Modern Warfare 2
Updates of my male and female Division Agents


Some really nice bashes there. I like that CAG bash a lot.

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Nice work. :+1:

I’m diggin the Captain Marvel looking bash.

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Really some cool bashes!

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Really nice ones!

I’m looking forward to see the final results!

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Your certainly working on many bashes! Look forward to final figures pictures.

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Thanks for the comments guys. Most of these have been waiting to have pictures taken but I have just been lazy. As I get more work done on them I will make sure I post more often.

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