my DEVGRU team

Hey all. New guy here.
I started this while I was bored at home. No reference used, just wanted to do a team of DEVGRUs.

The ptts were a pain to install on the chest rigs. I am missing weapons for some of the team. Just spent years gathering parts. Kit up during the long easter weekend. Not weathered or dirtied.



Tang! :wave: Good to have you here, its been awhile bud. Team looks good. :+1:

Very nice looking team tang.

Thanks guys. Good to be back in a forum where 1/6 military is still tha main focus. Will post updates slowly.

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Tang…these are awesome! Just plain AWESOME!

Nice one brother! Looks awesome!

Man, these bashes are really nice! I have been planning to put together my own DEVGRU team for some time. All the parts are lying around, but having an 11-month baby daughter is just too time consuming for me to get it done right now… Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

Excellent work Tang :+1:

Are you the same Tang from OSW?

Yup the same tang from osw.