My first Kitbash

This was one of my very first (if not first) kitbashes. I just have to say at the time that BBI had hit it out of the park with their 2.5 body types as it gave me what I needed in the way of body shapes and pose-ability. Now, as far as his outfit and gear he’s a really good example of kitbashing across multiple manufacturers (in my opinion): body and boots BBI, sidearm, belt and holster Dragon. Likewise, the sweater was from a WW2 figure set I scored from my brother in law (as were the goggles) again from Dragon. The M4 is from BBI. The tri-color BDU’s and the knife are from a World Peacekeeper modern figure (as 21st Century’s were a little too “clean” to use). The camera ball cap and knee pads are from Toy Soldier (I think from an auction or a toy show), the gas mask and vest are from Dragon as is the backpack (I think I want to move the top “pack” to the bottom of the backpack as I never really liked its placement. And the binoculars are from a Hasbro 12” GI Joe set. The gloved hands are also BBI (from their WW2 SAS figure). The TIME magazine I made and printed myself (as I’ve stated before I make a bunch of scaled periodicals). Zip ties courtesy of a hardware store. So tell me what you all think?



Love it! That’s a classic look, the sweater works really nicely too.

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