My most recent mil figs

I was into this while back… collected a bunch of stuff, but never finished most of it. Finally now finished many of the half started ones and got them shot. Some are full customs, others are slightly modded. Go to…

for the rest.


Which headsculpt did you use?

nice setup there. Great work pal.

For the one in the post… That was an SS head, but I forget which one it came with.

Nice figures xray. I like a lot of those.

It was the WWII Tarawa marine one.

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Awesome figures Xray. Good to see you here as well as OSW. Welcome to Armed Figures.

Still loving all the pilot figures. :+1:

SUN_GZU got the first version, and most likely. It was re-released with the U.S. Army Expo version that had the AT-4 rocket as well.


The one expo fig I missed, that to this day still annoys me… Was when they were supposed to have a special guy for Famcon in L.A., with a SCAR that had a magnifier, and this cool brown jacket and some other exclusives. Drove for 1 1/2 hour, only to find out they didn’t get the figs delivered, and never bothered to tell anybody before the show.

I was supposed to go to that FAMCON show as well, but there was a change in work schedule, and I had to miss it, since I was flying down from Canada. I ended up getting the U.S. version of that SF version a few months later for my birthday.

I actually preferred the Asia version with all Multicam gear.

Wasn’t the U.S. Army Exclusive for a Singapore show?

I can’t remember the details. I just remember being very annoyed at the CalTek people. You missed nothing. There was literally like, 5 tables there. I like train stuff too, and I grew up going to shows in the mid west that had hundreds of tables per month. So I guess I’m spoiled, but that was first and last fig related show I ever went to.