My Royal Marine Kitbash

This is another of my figures i have kitbashed, it is mainly the DAM Royal Marine figure.
But with some added extras, such as the extra Dragon Models DPM pouches added to the front of the large backpack.
I have also added a DPM water bottle and cover to the belt, as this was not included with the DAM belt kit. I also added some extra belt DPM pouches to the belt, some of these were weathered to look older. So that there is a mix of new and old pouches being used.
I also used some model bungy cords to hold the pouches in place, as well as the helmet to the pack and the rocket launcher.
I have also added a Dragon Models DPM body armour vest, plus I changed the DAM jumper to an Armoury one. As the colour was better.
The main weapon for the figure was changed to the DAM Minimi machine gun, I also changed the leg pouch from the DPM one, to the light olive colour one.


Looks like one squared away Royal Marine. Great bash all around.

Nice one there… Solid bash bro!

Love it. Great headsculpt too. Bear fits perfect for this bash.

Going to sound like broken record (see feedback on other kit-bashes) - Love full load look. Just ready for a yomp. Inspired me to start looking for some extra kit for my British squaddies - give a few the yomp look.

thanks for sharing

Thanks for the replies.

Fine looking, heavily-burdened Marine!
I feel like the hobby has been treated fairly kindly, regarding these troops. There’s not swarms of them, but as your build shows, there’s good material that has been done.