My Russian Paratrooper Kitbash

This is my version of the DAM Natalia figure that i have kitbashed, and to use a male body for this figure. I had to take apart three separate parachute harnesses, and then sew and re-assemble them into one unit to fit the male body.

Because i wanted to use as much of the equipment, from the DAM PKP Gunner and Crimea figures as possible. And then fit the large pack and the parachute over the top of the kit.


Fabulous VDV bash! I really like all the use of Flora camo, as well as that Bruce Willis HS, congratulations!

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Outstanding bash!!! Truly inspiring!!

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Thank you for your replies.
The large backpack straps are almost at the full extent of them for adjustment. So that I had the room to fit the parachute above it, and also over the top of them.
I also added the extra strap to the bag, on the top of the parachute. As DAM had not included it with the parachute.

Very impressive bash with what sounds like a lot of work. Well done.

Awesome kitbash! Looks really scared away.