My version of Easy and Simple NSWDG The Escort figure

Hello there. With all this confinement and quarantine issue (I am positive to COVID 19) I finally had some time to set up my own version of The NSWDG Escort from E&S.

I had most of the accessories from a previous E&S figure ( the desert one from the exclusive on US) and using some things from DAM (the BDU from Matt Axelson SDVT 1 figure) I finally assembled it. E&S Oakley Gascan lenses.

Body is a modified BBi G3.5 with BBi G1 headsculpt from desert storm Hispanic soldier, customized with beard and mustache, with E&S boots, Minitimes gloved hands and tourniquet, E&S cap, rifle and vest/plate carrier, DAM headset and radio and E&S pistol. E&S the tribe patches, A POS blood type patch and MT call sign from Seal Team figure. Petzl headlight from DEA SRT and the silencer on the rifle is from the MT winter SEAL training figure, shortened with Dremel and repainted in gunmetal black. Finally, Dragon wrist watch and two GPS from E&S.

Laptop is a Panasonic Toughbook and iPad, don’t know the manufacturer.

Hope you like it.


Sorry to hear you have COVID-19 Jostovar. Hoping for a swift recovery for you. The bash itself is great. Love all the extras you added and it’s in a nice little scene.

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Thanks Bro. Almost all the office got infected but we have been under surveillance and everything is going fine.

Thanks. Glad to hear that you liked the bash.


A magnificent bash, love the scene and all the scaled down equipment. Hope you beat this thing quickly and safely, best of luck.

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Thanks Brother. We are almost out. Been in quarantine for nearly two weeks. Maybe next Tuesday I’ll be off quarantine but staying home to avoid side effects and to keep my family fine. The construction site is closed until next month so I’ll keep doing home office.

Take care man, and keep up the great work.

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Thanks man. Will do and will keep working on my bashes.

Awesome figure and setup. Hope you stay well. Take care friend.

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Thanks bro. Will do.

I join the rest here, in wishing you a speedy recovery.
The palletized sacks, are they cement?

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Yes @Murakami when I worked at CEMEX I bought the pallets on the store. They have been with me for over 9 years always as a part of my figures scenery.

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I just received the results for my RT PCR COVID Test. They are Negative!!!

Guess this is the time when being negative is cool!

Thanks to all for your kind words, now let’s keep quarantined until the site is opened again… meanwhile, bash bash bash!!!


Great to hear man! Glad you’re doing better.

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Yes… Will keep bashing to keep my mind easy. I’m doing Home Office and preparing the Return to Operations for the Construction site, so either I distract myself of that or my wife will kill me… at least she has been helping me with the Diorama I’m assembling right now…

More bashes to come!

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Awesome work. :+1:

And good to hear you’re in good health too.

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Thanks bro. It’s good to be safe for now… thumbs up and keep bashing!