My W.I.P Kitbashes

Hey all,

I finally sat down and snapped a few pics of some kitbashes I am working on. Now the few I have pics of are nowhere near close to all the bashes I have. I just picked ones that are close to done or I liked more than the others.

All of these still have some work that needs to be done but I am always open to critiques and comments. Most of my figures are based off multiple reference images, so they may not be 100% accurate or realistic.

This figure leans a lot because I padded the body to fill out the uniform better. I need to mess with hit a bit more.

This figure I could use some help on. I based it off a few images from the Beslan incident. I know the face shield on the helmet should be removed but I always found the helmet better looking with it on. I could use some advice on the gear and pouches, like what I should add or remove.

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Love them all. Good to know I’m not the only one with multiple projects on my bench.

At any given time I have about 7 or 8 projects going. That is me slowing down, when I worked I would have 10+ with either kitbash or all custom. School and prices for pieces in the hobby have made me cut back A LOT.

I always like seeing what you post as well. You do some really great work.

:pray:t4: thanks I’ve learned from the best. OSW was really something back in it’s heyday.

You got that right. I used to check that regularly. Its a ghost town now and that makes me glad Adam started this one. Scratches that itch that OSW left.

Nice figs U_S. Really dig the BHD Delta figure.

Thanks. That is one of my favorites. I need to replace some of the dots and some of the TS gear with DAM for size. I plan to weather him when things slow down a bit.

Sorry, can’t help with the Beslan figure, bit I need to stress that this is probably my favourite military Russian up to date. Please keep us updated on the progress of this one!

Thanks. He is one of the few foreign figures I have. I also have the SS KSK figure. I have been working on a French SF guy and SAS but they have a long ways to go. I will try to get some pics of my other bashes as well and post.

Here are a few new pictures of different bashes. I have been working on projects but lately, I have been flooded in school work. Getting close to the holiday season I finally had time to get some shots in.

Thanks for looking and as always, comments are appreciated.



For my next two. I know this has remained a comic, movie and sci-fi free board so if anyone feels like these should not be here let me know and I will remove them.

I started a few years back working on a realistic set of Captain America and Red Skull. Instead of the movie or comic takes, I created a set that is based more on if the two were real. Any WWII experts out there feel free to point out things I need to fix.

Captain America

Red Skull


great work all the way around i really dig the CAP and red skull

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Great bashes. And I know what you mean. I myself, with a new job and a new baby. I haven’t had time to do anything hobby related. I’d love to get back on to bashing soon. But what I really want for Christmas is to finally get some time to play and finish RDR2.

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Thanks @wardog. I have been hesitant with showing them off for a number of reasons. Mainly on here due to the fact they are “movie/comic” related. I really enjoy seeing all the military bashes and not have to sort through pounds and pounds of misc. work. Not that I am against it, just this board is more of what I am into.

@SUN_GZU, I have been meaning to to try RDR2 but haven’t. With school being so crazy I have been behind on a number of games. I just finished AC Odyssey a few weeks back and I got sucked into BFV. I hope to be able to bash and play over the next two or three weeks before I start my last semester.

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Damn good Captain America! Everything is superb, but I like that FSB guy in particular, congratulations!

Feel free to share any kitbashes of a non-military variety. While outside of the main theme of the forum it never hurts to see the interesting projects people put together regardless of the theme.


Most of my stuff has a military theme, minus a handful of Hot Toy Movie figures. I will try to get some shots of my current display then post them then.