National Police Intervention Groups (GIPN) Custom

Today, I finished setting up National Police Intervention Groups (GIPN) Custom.

GIPN: (French: Groupes d’Intervention de la Police Nationale) are regional tactical units of the French National Police located in the French overseas departments and territories. Their motto is “La cohésion fait la force” or “Cohesion brings strength”. Source: Wikipedia

I used more than 39 looses for this custom which has the largest number of looses compared to the past two years. Also, the total price of purchased looses went beyond the average price of my customs.

1 body DAM 78075 SSO
2 head DAM 78042 FBI HRT
3 Pistol DID m1911
4 vest DAM 78076 GIPN
5 headset DAM 78076 GIPN
6 insignia DAM 78076 GIPN
7 insignia DAM 78076 GIPN
8 Leg Pouch DAM 78076 GIPN
9 Elbow Pad DAM 78076 GIPN
10 pouch DAM 78076 GIPN
11 pouch DAM 78076 GIPN
12 Pistol magazine DAM 78076 GIPN
13 Pistol magazine DAM 78076 GIPN
14 Uniform SS Soldier 1/6 SS105 ISOF Gold Squadron Combat Uniform
15 Strap DAM 78076 GIPN
16 Boots DAM78070
17 Rifle ES 26030B Special Mission Unit Tier 1 Part X
18 Belf dam 78034 SDU
19 Machine Gun dam 78034 SDU MP5K
20 Pistol dam 78034 SDU G17
21 Land yard SS PJ B
22 Knee Pad damtoys
23 Rope SS PJ B
24 Goggle dam sdu 78034
25 Headlight dam 78074
26 Mask damtoys
27 Helmet ss Marine Raiders
28 Hands damtoys 78058
29 NVG es sad NVG
30 Headlight damtoys
31 Stick Light es
32 GPS es GPS
33 ETC Looses dam gipn
34 Rope flagset
35 Headlight dam sso
36 Grenade es
37 D Buckle minitimes
38 Strobe minitimes
39 Light es ucp


Wow! Amazing build! You put a great level of detail in this kitbash.

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I agree with Bill, amazing work on this park. One little nitpick is that it looks like you have the RMR backup optic on backwards. Other than that exceptional.

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Thank you for letting me know the mistake.
Actually, I do not have much information about military equipment :slight_smile:

I am always happy to learn new things from people like Suicide_Commando!

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Super nice bash! Love the black clad operators.

Man, that’s crazy - I love it! The rappelling kit is a great touch, and the all-black look is perfect. With all those IR illuminators you could probably see him from space!

Lovely figure, loads of bits but not over the top, well thought out. Great photos. Thanks for sharing

terrific frenchie!!!