Navy SEAL AOR1 pattern

So here is another kitbash with a good mix of just about every manufacturer whose put out something I liked. This is another BBI figure body in my backyard with some smoke fx [courtesy of last years 4th of July smoke bomb purchases :smiley:]. Enjoy

Uniform-SS [or DAM]
Helmet-Soldier Story [I think]
Custom resin Quad NVG’s- from a member on another forum
Flashbangs-Soldier Story
Rifle-SS [or DAM]
Smoke grenade - Hasbro
Soldier Story Remington 870 Shotgun
Crazy Dummy Chemlights
Soldier Story Insight PEQ-15 w/M3 Light and Dual Pressure Switch
Crazy Dummy Asolo FSN 95 Hiking Boots

Bravo out


I like this one a lot as well. i’d just flip up the back-up iron sights since you don’t have an optic mounted.

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Yea I’ve done that when it’s posed in the case, but sometimes it falls down, like in this instance.

Excellent bash. I’ve always been a huge fan of AOR-1.

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Good looking gunfighter.
It could be interesting if he and his BUDS (see what I did there?) crossed paths with some Russian operators like these -

These particular lads are described as ChVK Vagner. Some of their outfit’s guys got slagged in Syria, in Feb 2018, when they tried to advance on a piece of territory that they’d been warned not to. They got hit by US arty and gunships, lost quite a few personnel, and some vehicles.

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I’ve a few balaclavas’ lying around I planned on using with my other AOR seals [both jungle and desert pattern], so this is useful intel, thank you Murakami.

Very cool Figure but you will need a scope for sure. I would change the MK18 with an HK416 with Eotech. Great shots in the Garden and nice idea with the smoke.

Great photo Murakami. Did not know the Russian use AO1 too. Looks awsome with balaclava and AK.

Funny you should mention that, I picked up a few HK416’s a few months back along with several eotech sites to complete a few additional SEAL’s in AOR1 & 2 uni’s, so I 'll just have to “scope out” :laughing::laughing: one or two more.

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:grin: that sounds good. You can never have enough HK416 :sunglasses:

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