Navy SEAL Jungle fighter

This is a re-working of BBI’s “Raptor” figure I have had for a long time. Originally I had him tricked out in Tri-Color BDU’s with a ball cap like a SpecOperator circa '02, but then I had the chance to score some better gear and decided I wanted to upgrade his appearance. So the breakdown is [roughly]:

BBI-Raptor body
SS-M4 (possibly?) with a 203 mount
Dragon: bedroll
SS-chem lights
21C-smoke grenades with custom labels
SS-P226 sidearm
SS-various pouches
Hasbro[?] Rothco Army Style C-Cell Angle-Head Flashlight
DAM or SS -Peltor headset
SS or DAM eye protection/glasses
Various patches from [I think] SS or DAM.

Bravo out


I like it. Looks like a good bash all around.

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Well done, Bob! I’ve always thought ‘Raptor’ was one of bbi’s really good figures. I like the upgrades.

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