Need help again.

What do these metal clips go on the Easy & Simple AD-16 (Reaper)?

It seems that this is a version of the FN HERSTAL FNC … wait for the opinion of the experts.

Agreed. It is the FNC. I do have one of these in the collection. I can’t think of the manufacturer, but it came with the Al Pacino figure from Heat. The plastic quality and detail is a little soft, but best option in scale. I think 21C also made a version years ago.

Thank you very much krisbe511! And thank you to turkeyshot!

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New thread on where things go.

Pistol and rifle ammo pouches. They are used to thread into the molle webbing to attach the pouches.


Thank you Adam! Thank you very much!!! If not for you, I would of thrown them away…LOL!

Rule of thumb, never throw any bits away! In the past they used to insert these into the TACO style pouches on their end, first time I’ve seen them separate like that.

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