Need help again.

Did not think this thread was meant to be like this, but heck! It works and it cuts down on the number of threads of “need help…” So keep them coming!

It seems that this is a version of the FN HERSTAL FNC … wait for the opinion of the experts.

Agreed. It is the FNC. I do have one of these in the collection. I can’t think of the manufacturer, but it came with the Al Pacino figure from Heat. The plastic quality and detail is a little soft, but best option in scale. I think 21C also made a version years ago.

Thank you very much krisbe511! And thank you to turkeyshot!

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New thread on where things go.

Pistol and rifle ammo pouches. They are used to thread into the molle webbing to attach the pouches.


Thank you Adam! Thank you very much!!! If not for you, I would of thrown them away…LOL!

Rule of thumb, never throw any bits away! In the past they used to insert these into the TACO style pouches on their end, first time I’ve seen them separate like that.

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Marine Force Recon Combat Diver…??? Fell off…

Might look like a diving weight, but can’t see it anywhere at the product. There are white stains at the notch (1st image). Perhaps broke off somewhere and belonged to another part?

Maybe @Col.Braddock knows, as he owns the diving gear, I think.

No, it is too small to be a diving weight. I tried to explain but the filters on this site is SET TOO HIGH! LOL! I heard you (chpo) fixed it. We will see about that…LOL!

I asked and Adam hopefully fixed it :smile:

Could you give me the dimensions of this piece or place it next to another item?

It is tiny. 5 to 7 mm in length.

BTW, the filter is still set too high.

This one?

Thank you very, very, very much chpo! I am sorry, but I forgot your real name…LOL! Wow! Your a life saver!


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Christoph, just emailed you yesterday. You are welcome. Always good to keep these small parts.

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Christoph! That is it! Thank you a ton! I can’t thank you enough! Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Glad I could help!

I kept one of these buttons for an entire year till I figured out the pants has two of them.

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Could anyone help me out by pointing out the matching 1/6 figure to this patch please?