need help finding

anyone have a lead on the dam toys sopmod in grey its the one secondfrom the right was watching one on vladstoys MIB and ebay suspended my account for some reason (ive never bought anything so IDK)

I’ve looked wardog and all I could find were listings in stores for sold out items. Maybe try re-joining ebay or ask why they suspended your account in the first place?

I also only found loose parts of this set. Everything except for the scope and sling.

thanks guys ive decided to go loose parts found most of them except for the scope as well

I am assuming that the rifle you are looking at is the one with the ACOG. If so MonkeyDepot has it since that looks to be the same as the DAM SAN DIEGO figure. Its in the loose weapon accessory section. If I am incorrect then dont mind me haha.

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yep thats the one i seen it yesterday thanks really wish i could have got the mint in box one lol
thank you

No worries. I know what you mean. There are some items I have bought second hand. While they are the same I know deep down its not haha.

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