Need Help for VeryHot


Hi there,
I need help for use uniform VeryHot (item 1042-G VFA-41 Pilot).

What kind of body use with, because Damtoys, Soldier Story figures are too big body (legs, arms)… and you, what do you use?


I have used BBI G3.5 bodies for Vey Hot uniforms in the past; the fit is quite good.


Thank you very much for information :relaxed:


DiD or Dragon should work too. Or a narrow shoulder Hot Toys body. I use them for Vietnam era Figures and in combination with the old Dragon ERDL Uniform because the fit of clothes is bettter.


I would agree that BBI body types have worked pretty well for me with VH uniform sets in the past, sometimes I have also used the BBI 1.0 bodies and either put additional clothes [t-shirts, shorts] on the figure under the uniform OR used foam padding of sorts to “beef up” the body sections that seemed “loose fitting” in said uniforms.


With most of their output I believe that was their original target body. Very Hot is behind the popular Hot Toys knock off bodies.


Thanks again for your help…