Need help identifying pack

I know this is from the ss navy eod figure, I was wondering who makes this panel and if it’s currently used still

Diamondback Tactical Assault Panel. Early to mid 2000’s, not a current product.

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How do you know all this stuff?

Alexa and Siri. Just have to know how to ask them. :laughing:

That wasn’t the answer I expected :smile:

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Hell, I don’t even know how to ask Google properly…:thinking:

By the way: what’s the plastic tube for? Holding a breaching tool? I have the backpack and most of the EOD figure loose and am thinking about bashing an assaulter, so it would be nice to know, what I can stick in that tube. Otherwise, I’d probably have to remove it and replace it with a shotgun holder or something in that direction…

Collapsible breaching or entry tools. They brand it as their Assaulter’s Tool Holder.

Thanks! Thought so. Now I’ll just have to figure out a contemporary breaching tool. Any suggestions? I have the one that came with the SS085 French SF figure. Would that be appropriate?

I would just go with whatever hammer or pry bar you have or can get that fits. Unless you are aiming for a very specific tool I would think those are generic enough to cover something contemporary.

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I thought it originally had a sledge hammer, with a slightly shortened handle.

Thanks, guys! Guess a sledge hammer will do the job.

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Yes, it holds a breaching tool. Can’t find a pics, but I did find one when they first came out.