Need help to identify a suppressor!

Hey guys!
I need your help to identify this suppressor made by Easy&Simple. One time the suppressor is called ECP 7.62 suppressor and the other time it is called EPC 7.62 suppressor. The suppressor comes with the ES26011 and ES26037 releases for example.

ECP is the right nomenclature. It stands for “Engineering Change Proposal” and is the FN in-house flash hider and suppressor combo.

I have been looking into this flash hider + suppressor combo myself. E&S has used it on some of their Mk17s and other 7.62 systems such as the HK417. I am not sure if the flash hider can natively be installed on an HK417. I would imagine it comes down to the threading.

Another gaffe is that the ECP hider apparently sits farther forward on the CQC-length barrel than the older AAC model. So E&S’s Mk17 CQCs with this flash hider installed should have a longer barrel. I think SS got it right - look at the exposed barrel on the SS106 Mk17 CQC, and compare it to an E&S example.

Okay…great informations! Thank you very much!

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