New Sig long guns for the Army?

I guess this would be more tooling for the weapons-centric companies. They look slick, and I understand the concept of the cartridge for the job, but will the 6.8mm become a standard?

Looks good. I guess, it’s up to ES now.

Yeah, there are other competitors as well. Those Sig’s look awesome though.

Not worth doing, until there is an official winner

This will cost Millions or better Billions if the Army would change their main weapons. So they will need to refresh the stores with many new extra parts for service these weapons. You need new magazines, new ammo etc. Also new training for the Soldiers and these rifles are not battle proven. A new weapon does not make the soldier better at all. It helps him to do the job better. But are these weapons so much better that these costs are worth it? Are these SIG weapons so much better than an M4 or HK416?
For the 1/6 hobby it would be very nice to have those new options but no manufacture would make new molds etc. just for 1-2 Figures or some weapon sets i think. If so the costs would be a way over 50$ for each Weapon set.

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