New to this forum but not the hobby

Hi all. I’ve been absent from the hobby for a while, between being ridiculed by my ex-spouse (she said they were my Barbie dolls and belittled me for the hobby.), to an ugly divorce. I’ve moved to a different part of my state and changed careers. My figures have been boxed for several years, as a result of the ridicule I received and then the aftermath of the end of yet another relationship. I’m living for myself now and re-configuring my figure display. I see that I missed some great figures up my alley in the last few years and intend to update my collection. I look forward to becoming active again.

I also look forward to becoming active on this forum.


Hey mate, Darren here. Sorry to hear you had to go through that crap . But I say do what you want if that makes you happy as long as you are not herting any one. So welcome aboard I’m sure you’ll enjoy this forum. Great bunch of dude’s here mate, looking forward to seeing your work :+1:


Hello… adults who collect “dolls”, heard so many times that I don’t even answer anymore :joy: :joy:… welcome here with us, and can’t wait to see your figures :relaxed:.


Welcome to the forum of men who collect “dolls”! :sweat_smile: :wink:
Nice to have another “freak” here. :grin:
Show us your “old dolls”! :blush:


Welcome to the mad circus!
I share about the same story… Now, I have the house to myself, and all of my toy soldiers may roam freely!
Guess, we’ve all heard that kind of bs, after a while, it just doesn’t bother you anymore.
And they’ll never know what fun we have!


Hey! Welcome to the group. I’m sorry your hobby was used against you in a demeaning way, people who actually care about their significant other would be extremely supportive of most hobbies and in my experience even found it attractive :wink: someone who has a Hobby has life in them! my figures represent who I am/what I enjoy, what Military conflicts/topics/movies I find interest in. live for yourself and enjoy whatever makes you happy.


Good to see you here as well.

I still share my time between OSW and here. Not as much military stuff there any more, but I try and keep that stuff alive there.

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I found out about this site from that one.


Welcome aboard. I am glad you found us. Enjoy yourself here. :wink:

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Hey dude, welcome aboard! it’s nice to greet a newcomer to this awesome group. If you’ve been tagged as a freaky just because you love to collect action figures and let your imagination flow with them in unimaginable adventures, who cares how the “normal people” refers to ourselves. as long as you enjoy investing time to create state of the art figures.

Don’t worry dude, remember, even a kick in your butt will move you forward.