New User Signup Problems? See Here

For new users signing up that have not received email notification of account activation to their inbox after 24 hours please note the below. Note this also applies to any other standard email notification the forum supports.

  • Check your spam or junkmail folder. Due to the large variance in how providers handle email messages may be flagged as spam until you whitelist the sender.
  • Some providers, particularly Hotmail and Yahoo are fairly notorious for email deliverability issues. Hotmail/Outlook actively block many mail server providers and are not currently supported. Gmail is recommended as they tend to have the least amount of issues. If you have previously registered with a Hotmail or Outlook address send me an email via the contact us link at the bottom of the webpage with an alternate email address and I’ll add that to your user profile.
  • You can also create an account through your social media profiles, with Facebook, Google, and Twitter supported. If those are tied to a Hotmail or Outlook address you may have the same problem.