NLD Korps Commandotroepen (KCT) in Senegal, 2018

Here’s another Western operator I’ve been considering for awhile…

The Korps Commandotroepen (KCT) (English: Commando Corps) is the special forces unit of the Royal Netherlands Army. It is one of the three principal units tasked with special operations in the Netherlands armed forces (the others being the Netherlands Maritime Special Operations Forces (NLMARSOF) of the Netherlands Marine Corps and the Brigade Speciale Beveiligingsopdrachten (BSB) of the Royal Marechaussee. The KCT is tasked with conducting the full spectrum of special operations, focusing on direct action, special reconnaissance, military assistance and counter-terrorism in particular. The KCT traces its origins to the Second World War with the founding of No. 2 (Dutch) Troop, and the founding of the Korps Speciale Troepen during the Indonesian War of Independence. (Wiki)

Like most other Western SOF units, Korps operators wear Multicam uniforms, use AR-pattern weapons and are therefore very hard to distinguish from other NATO operators. Their height is one of the only ways of telling them apart. Additionally, a few KCT signatures include: Team Wendy (TW) high-cut helmets, Tyr tactical PCs and pouches (often in tan), Juggernaut phone cases mounted on the chest or front AR mag pouches, and H&K-produced weapons (416 and 417 series) with Geissele furniture. In this case, the operator is based on a series of photos of Korps members conducting Low Visibility Ops (LVO) in Senegal.

KCT Operator (LVO) Loadout

Uniform / 1st Line

  • Footwear - Salomon XA Force Mid GTX, OD (ES)
  • Pants - Crye GEN 4 pants, MC (SS)
  • Top - Long shirt, brown (DID)
  • Head covering - Shemagh (ACI)
  • Comms - Peltor COMTACS, OD (DAM)
  • Bucket - Ops Core FAST, Tyr cover, PVS-31s (DAM)
  • BEW - Oakley SI, tinted (ES)
  • Holster - BlackHawk! SERPA (Glock) (PH)

2nd Line

  • PC - LBX Armatus, tan (ES)
  • AR mags - Esstac Kywi Short x 3, tan (ES)
  • Phone mount - Juggernaut MPACT + Samsung Galaxy S7, tan (ES)
  • Dangler - Ferro Concepts Dangler, MC (ES)
  • Frag pouch - EI M67 pouch, MC (DAM)
  • Knife - Gerber Crucial, tan (DAM)
  • AR mag - ITW Fastmag, grey (DAM)
  • TQs - NAR TQ x 2, black (DAM)
  • Comms - AN/PRC-152, U94 PTT, EI MBITR pouch, tan (ES)
  • Rear plate - LBX 4040B Banger Panel, tan (ES)
  • IFAK - Tactical Tailor double M4 pouch, MC (SS)
  • Pistol mags - Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed pistol, MC (DAM)


  • Pistol - Glock 17 (DAM)
  • Rifle - HK416 w/ Geissele fore-end, Sig Romeo 4T, Eotech magnifier, PEQ-15, Magpul FG (ES)

KCT Operator (LVO)





Wow! This is one really outstanding bash. Absolutely love it Canuck.

You smashed a home run once again, I love reading the info you put down. And appreciate the effort you go to and the bash it’s self looks amazing. All round excellent job once again

An absolutely great kit bash! This could easily pass as a factory release with the attention to detail and equipment. A+ across the board!

The camo paint job that matches their uniform in the photo would be cool to replicate.

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Love it. Way to go there!

Wow! That’s really cool! Love it!

Really liking this guy, diverse subject matter again. Excellent reference pics too.

As a side note, can I ask which figure this plate carrier came with?

Thanks all, I had fun with this one! Warden - the LBX PC came with the ES “Captain Price” figure.

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Very unique figure.

That’s quite the large silencer on some of those rifles in the ref pics.

Definitely, I wish I had one of those in 1/6th

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Love the kitbash and the fact that you are doing regiments from other country’s plus also adding the references and context to the figure. A great job all round. Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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