North Battalion Spetsnaz Weapons Set 1.0

Looks like a new brand has decided to enter the ring and tackle some Zenit gear to accompany their weapons. Interesting.

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Holy crap! I am totally interested in this project. Can’t wait to see the actual product photos.

Oh and Adam is it too early to put in a tender for one of each of Dam’s Zenitco AK’s from the Deluxe and normal figure?

Interesting. Hope they do quality stuff.

Not to worry I have a good quantity of both coming in. Will let you know when they get announced for shipping.

I can only go by google’s slightly chaotic Chinese to English translation, but from their response on BBICN they seem to be detail/quality minded so that at least is promising.

I am looking forward then. Only makes me a bit sad that DAM isn’t putting a Zenitco stock on their new FSB Alpha. Would’ve added this little missing piece to make it close to perfect, like you said.

Hope, they’ll do accessories as well.

Cool, thanks for looking out for us Adam.

@AdamC Any news here?
Lots of AKs previewed so far by DAM and MCToys, but all with boring stocks. I want these to probably replace.

Nothing in a while from them. Would not surprise me if DAM does something similiar in the near future as they’ve been slowly moving through the Zenitco catalog of accessories.

I’ll be hoping the translation from virtual to actual works out well, scale-wise, finish, and durability.
If they are as dedicated as their logo and motto are, this could be very welcome.