Norwegian Members of Russian PMC Group Wagner Syria 2017


Haven’t they been bombed/killed by the US Forces?

There was an incident in Syria where Syrian government forces and Wagner engaged with the US. A fairly high profile incident considering it was essentially a case of the Russians and the US in an armed conflict, with apparently some Scandinavian contingents as well.

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Cool old school m1891 Mosin Nagant sniper on that one guy. Additionally, is that a legacy RP-46 support machine gun sitting on the roof of their tactical?

If these pics are from 2017, the big incident at Khasham occurred in Feb 2018.
One would wonder if these Norwegians were in that area, or might have whiffed the peril that operation entailed - the rather harsh atmosphere of a mercenary organization like Wagner could make slipping away a problem, tho chaos might help.

Cool! I still have the custom Norwegian soldier I got from an OSW member years ago.