NVG lenses

It has always been my goal to achieve a certain color scheme with my kitbashes, regardless of whatever unit they belong to. uniforms, plate carriers, gloves, boots, magazines, weapons, helmets, NVGs, and basically every other piece of gear that a tier 1 operator would need in either black, multicam black, or at the very least dark grey for armaments. Black facewear such as bandanas, balaclavas, and neck toques with white skull designs either already printed on or painted on by myself. Lastly is red, which is the color of the various lenses of their GPNVGs.

However despite my best efforts, I have had to make exceptions in regards to certain accessories such as the radio headsets, and a weapons cache, . Mainly for want of appropriately colored versions, supplies, tools, and skill. Lately I have been trying to paint certain parts, and so far the results have turned out great Not exactly as dark as I might like, so I may need to seek out a darker paint like those from Vallejo in the near future. That said, this opens up a lot of new opportunities for me, as I no longer have to wait a long time for black version certain parts or accessories to be released. Now I can just paint existing versions and use them normally. For instance, if I paint multicam parts with thin enough coats, then it resembles multicam black. Now I can eliminate those exceptions that I mentioned, and come closer towards achieving my dream of all-black operators with skull masks.

That leaves only the red NVG lenses. Very Hot Toys made an accessorizes set that includes appropriately colored NVGs, but the quality of the goggles were subpar to say the least. For my CAG bashes, I have upgraded them with the black and grey GPNVGs from the E&S SAD HALO figure. My DEVGRU figures will probably get newer NVGs from the recent E&S SMU figures. I have looked into inserting red LEDs into the lenses, but the endeavor proved to be unfeasible due to the power demands and lack of sufficiently small LEDs. So how can I paint the lenses, and with what?

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It’s been a few years ago, but I remember some bashers using colored lenses made for stuff like Gundam models. I recall them being available in various colors and sizes, on ebay.
You might also try HobbyLink Japan.

HERE are some clues:

Also, some types of Bandai builder sets/sight lens packs (usually sold out, most places) -
Bandai Builders PARTS: MS SIGHT LENS 01 (RED)

Bandai/GUNPLA Non Scale MS Sight Lens 01 (Red) (Gundam Model Kits)

That looks like the most promising options. I forgot to mention that I tried to hunt down red glow in the dark versions of those stickers a while ago, but they were only available in either green or blue. Would rhinestone stickers be an acceptable alternative? I don’t think that I will be able to acquire enough of the Gundam ones to fit all of the figures that I have planned.

Since all of my figures will be using GPNVGs made by E&S for the sake of consistency, I have noticed that on the most recent ones from the SAD figure that I mentioned, the lenses seem to be beads that are attached directly to the NVG tubes. Would I have to remove those in order to put the new stickers, if so how, and what sticker size should I use?

I use Tamiya Clear Coat paints. They are designed to give a really glossy finish to car model lights, but work great on lenses. Tip: sometimes paint on a brilliant silver, then apply clear coat paint - gives a great finish.

Another option google “AK interactive lenses” - they come in a variety of small mm size. Never picked up a pack as used Tamiya paint method, so not sure how well they work. Must pick up a few packs tbh.

Good luck

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Does Tamiya have a silver paint that would work to that effect?

They would have a silver in range - I don’t actually use Tamiya metallic. Use Vallejo “Liquid” metallic range or AK interactive metallic. Both companies produce some lovely metallic paints. They are not acrylic based, so you would need white spirits or Tamiya Lacquer thinner (recommend the later great stuff - stinks to high heaven - open window time)

I used super shiny pre-cut stickers, which are usually used by Gundam kit modellers. I usually used them for scopes to get red or green effects.

Yep, the Gundam market is where to look, just check the size you use and you can usually get them in sheets with a couple of sizes.

If it´s not against the forum rules, where do you get your Gundam pre-cut stickers? I have been searching for a plain red sheet online for my Acogs for hours and all I have been able to find are sheets with one or several “robotic” drawings.

See if these have the size you need. Otherwise I would try searching for hobby shops that sell Gundam kits, they’ll usually be found in their detailing/detail up parts sections.

Are you the same person on OSW that was asking for these?

Man Adam, those are really nice! Much better than what I had recommended on OSW. I may get a set for myself…

Try searching “hiqparts” pre-cut round stickers. They’re sometimes out of stock though and have a weird policy in re-producing their items.

The ones Adam posted looks nice as well but they “add” to the surface of the parts, I tried that before with scopes and it just looks goofy.

Yes davinator65 I am the same person. The more places you look for info the better.

Thank you all for your advice. I´ll try for hqparts for red pre-cut stickers.