Official Statement From General's Armoury.

It has come to our attention that a company is marketing what looks to be sub-par 1/6 accessories under the brand “GENERAL”, with product codes extremely similar to our own.

The company has launched products under GA001 and GA002. This is extremely similar to the product codes we use

The similarity in company names, and the adoption of similar product codes lead us to believe this company intends to confuse collectors into thinking they are purchasing General’s Armoury weapon sets, piggy backing on our reputation.

This is an official statement to say that these products are in no way related to General’s Armoury.

You can identify our official General’s Armoury line of products with the following tips.

Our line of weapon sets start with GA0 followed by a 3 digit code, e.g GA0001, GA0002
Our line of accessory and uniform sets start with GA2 followed by a 3 digit code, e.g GA2001
Our line of complete figures start with GA1 followed by a 3 digit code, e.g GA1001

And of course all official General’s Armoury products bear the distinctive General’s 4 star helmet with the crossed black rifle and walking stick at the bottom right corner.



Good to know. I haven’t seen them pop up but I will now double check when looking at items.

The Aug looks like copied from Artfigures:

Would be nice though to see an Aug from GA as well. Rumour has it that ES once did an Aug prototype, but never followed up on it. Maybe that could be used, should it exist.

I really hope you overcome this, and I don’t have any use for the sort of philosophy this other outfit follows.

The other 416 rifle is also an Art Figures item from their recent Aidol figure. They’ve been rebranding some products (Special Figures is also Art) of late but this seems to be a new low if this is them. It’s been advertised as Art Figures by some in China so that seems pretty definitive as there is no other reason to advertise that.

This hobby makes me shake my head on a constant basis. Release better quality product and you don’t need to copy someone else’s brand. People have two feet and should stand on them.

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