Offset RMR and LMG help

On some of my bashes that use LPVO scopes, I’ve been trying to get offset RDSs on their respective rifles. So far I’ve got an Aimpoint on the M110 that I’m saving for a future CAG DMR bash, and a Docter sight for my CAG sniper bash. All that is left then is one for my CAG medic. But what I’ve always wanted for all of them is a trijicon RMR. But while offset Picatinny mounts aren’t too hard to come by, I haven’t been able to source any RMRs that would work with that. Most of the ones I’ve found are mounted to other optics like ACOGs or Elcans. Would it be possible to get some of them and cut grooves into the RMRs so that they can slide onto the offset mounts?

Also, What suppressor would be appropriate for a MK48, and which drum mags would be compatible with the one from the E&S ranger firearm set? Became that set only comes with one.

I believe the sully zert figure has a suppressed m240. That suppresor would be the same one the mk48 uses, although for a machine gunners typical job of sustained fire I don’t think the suppresor would typically be used, it’s a giant heat sink and the ones bulky enough to stand up to a 308 lmg really aren’t gonna benefit the operator because they’re heavy and add length and really don’t make the gun much quieter, the only lmgs I’ve ever seen suppressed are fancy and expensive range toys

RMRs haven’t been done in a picatinny mount yet from what I recall. They almost always are adhered with doubled sided adhesive or glued on since nobody wants to pay to retool their pistol slides.

But would the modification that I proposed be viable?

There isn’t really much material there to work with height-wise so I’m not sure how well that would work. I’d probably just use double sided adhesive.

Is it possible to transfer the stock and mag of the ranger pack MK48 onto the one from the Marc Lee figure, since only the latter has a rail section on top of the barrel? Or otherwise transfer that rail section onto the former?

I’ve also looked into putting together an MK46 as well to either a replacement the 48. There are a few black variants from Crazy Dummy that I like, and those are easier to source ammo drums for. What suppressor would work for it and would the 200 round mags from the recent E&S SAD figure fit on the guns?

I’ve taken a good look at the E&S 06022 MK48, and it seems like the bottom rail is in fact separate from the handguard, being attached at the side rails. As I intend to put a quad complicate on top of the barrel, this may prove to be a complication. I could try switching the stock from the ranger set MK48 to the Marc Lee one, but what tool would be narrow enough to remove the pin connecting the stock and the gun? Or I could remove the bottom rail section on the ranger MK48 and transfer the bottom rail from Marc Lee one. But even if I could manage to get the configuration I want, sourcing additional 7.62 magazines has still proven impossible, shy of buying three of the ranger sets.

The only other option I see is to instead get the MK46 from the 26021GS figure, which is also apparently impossible to get by itself, meaning If I want that gun I may need to buy the whole figure. Though expensive, the MK46 included with that figure would be perfectly suited to receiving the quad rail from the Marc Lee gun, and it carries not only a suppressor, but also a sopmod crane stock which can be transferred to another of my bash’s rifles and swapped out for another stock. Perhaps the most important factor though is that ammo drums would be much easier to source. And once I have the MK46, I could sell off everything else from the figure and recoup a good chunk of the costs.
So with all this in mind, what approach should I go with?

On a related note, should I get an elcan Spectre 1-4 scope with a red dot on top or an S&B 1-8? If the latter is chosen, how could I mount an RMR on it?