Operation Red Wings WIP... Lt. Cdr. Erik S. Kristensen

Hello everyone.

Memorial day for Operation Red Wings is coming, and while I wait to complete my current figures depicting Spartan 01, I’m adding one of the deceased members of the QRF.

Here is my version of Erik Samsel Kristensen. Hope you enjoy it. It’s still a WIP, need to upgrade the helmet and hands but overall I like what I get. Only setback is that the original pants for this BDU (original Axelson from DAM) ripped off in the fly so I had to use a Minitimes to complete the uniform since I haven’t been able to get one at a decent price, and for sure won’t pay 400 bucks for the whole figure. Anyways I hope you enjoy it and will be waiting for your feedback.


Looks good to me so far! :+1:

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Thanks Oso. Appreciated.

I thinks that I’ll be weathering the helmet to kill the shine on it. That will help a little bit.

Yeah, looks real good.
I had always hoped for a figure of Erik Kristensen including the Birkenstocks…
No kidding, great of you to put together this bash in memory of him!

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Thanks pal.

He is one of my favorite characters of the movie. But moreover, being the team leader and lead their guys to save their brothers, giving up his life during the rescue attempt is something really remarkable.

On the other hand, I’m working with the Minitimes SIX flip flops that were issued on one figure to modify them and try to assemble the signature Birkenstocks for this one. Hope they look good when finished.

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