Operator's vehicle. Mercedes Benz G55 AMG RC.

A long time search has finally come to fruition. I figure it has been about 12-13 years on the hunt for this one. The Mercedes Benz G55 AMG RC car with interior.

Enjoy the review. This vehicle has got me all stoked up about doing 1:6 stuff again.

So, I tried to do this here, and then link elsewhere, but I had issues loading pictures. I kept getting a strange warning that the pics were more then 10 megapixels, and wouldn’t load. So I posted on OSW and copied it here. Not sure why some of the pics are rotated there, because they are situated on my drives okay. I’ll try and fix that.


Ooooh now that’s very a w e s o m e indeed!! Very nice job @cdn_rhino

…what a fat catch!!!
really awesome job…need one, too!!!

I have to resist the urge to tamper with it too much.

At least until I find another one haha.

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I do recall this would be something you would be interested in. Something for your KSK figures?

That had been an issue on OSW for some time, and I didn’t expect the new crew to really deal with it.

Good looking ride, tho.

See here for why that is and workarounds.

Image rotation issues are sometimes linked with phones as well some of them have a habit of either removing the image metadata that contains the orientation, or setting the metadata orientation to the same perspective as your phone was when taking the photo.


I will keep that in mind for future posts.

I also need to find out what some of that means hahaha.