Ordering the same things...

I don’t know if it is my age (55) but I seem to order the same things not meaning to do this. I have ordered 3 pairs of the same shoes not knowing that I got the pair from another vendor…LOL! Yeah, I used to order the same thing but that was seldom when I was younger. These days I have been doing this sort of thing on a daily basis.

Age…it is not a good thing…LOL!


This kind of stuff is happening when you got too many projects / need of replacement combined with too many pending orders.
Happened twice to me but with patches only. I would blame QC an demand as retailers offer less products nowadays due to a shrinking fan base.
Might not be your age, but 3 boots of the same is kind of an achievement :smile:

Are you talking about buying loose?

Yes, I am talking about loose. I would know if I bought 2 of the same figure…I am not that old! LOL!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks Chris! I would call that an achievement myself! :rofl:

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You and me buddy.

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I’m drowning in loose gear. I’m out there to get rid of it. Going to sell in bulk to black ops toys.

HA! I’ve bought more than one of the same on purpose, but on in busy period, I did buy the same figure from two vendors. Fortunately, it was a figure I was happy to have duped.
Far worse than that, is duplicating books, despite some serious lists.

Mike…your a little older than me…so we can excuse that… :laughing: When I get a little older, I will probably do the same thing you did… :rofl:

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