OSO1005 - DEVGRU - Task Force 11 - Astan

Changed my OSO1005 DEVGRU to this one:

Naval Special Warfare Development Group
SEAL Team 6 – Task Force 11
Afghanistan (January, 2002)

2.0 Action Body [Damtoys]
Head Sculpt [Damtoys]

Long Sleeve Underwear [Damtoys]
Desert Combat Uniform (DCU) Shirt, 3C-Desert [Damtoys]
Desert Combat Uniform (DCU) Pants, 3C-Desert [Damtoys]
LBT-0612A Riggers Belt [BBI]

Integrated Ballistic Helmet (IBH) [BBI]
Wilcox NVG Mount [BBI]
AN/PVS-15 Binocular Night Vision System (BNVS) [BBI]
Surefire G2 Flashlight [BBI]
MS2000 Strobe Light [DiD]

Bollé T-800 Tactical Goggles [BBI]
Shemagh [Soldier Story]
Bare Hands [Soldier Story]
Altama 1456 Desert Boots [Ace]

LBT-1951 Load Bearing Chest Rig, BLK [Playhouse]

Eagle A-III Pack, OD [Toy Soldier]

Peltor Com-Tac Headset w/Davies PTT [Toy Soldier/Damtoys]
AN/PRC-148 MBITR [Damtoys]

M4A1 5.56mm SOPMOD Carbine [Soldier Story]
Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) 4x32 [Easy&Simple]
KAC Folding Rear Sight 300m [Soldier Story]
KAC Sound Suppressor [Soldier Story]
KAC Forward Hand Grip [Soldier Story]
KAC 11 Rib Rail Cover Panel [Soldier Story]
AN/PEQ-2 Infared Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (ITPIAL) [Soldier Story]
USGI M4 5.56mm 30rd Magazine (9x) [Soldier Story]

Eagle SAS MK V Drop Leg Holster Airborne Style [Damtoys]
SIG P226 Pistol [Easy&Simple]
9mm P226 Pistol Magazine (2x) [Easy&Simple]
9mm P226 20rd Pistol Magazine [Easy&Simple]

Bowie Knife [Damtoys]
M67 Frag Grenade (2x) [Damtoys]
M18 Smoke Grenade [Damtoys]

Carabiner [Damtoys]
Gerber Multi-Plier [Damtoys]
VIP IR Strobe Light [Damtoys]
Light Sticks [Soldier Story]
Military Watch [Soldier Story]
Backlit Tactical Compass [Easy&Simple]

US Flag (3x) [Patch]


Nicely done bushy beard

Very nice old-school bash oso. Love that old BBI IBH.

Great bash! I love it! At first I didn’t know that was a beard! LOL!