OSO1018 - DEVGRU - Gold Squadron Advisor

Naval Special Warfare Development Group
SEAL Team 6 – Gold Squadron
Advisor somewhere in Yemen (2017)

S2.5 Muscular Arms Body [Soldier Story]
Head Sculpt “Paul Walker” [First-Rate]

Dri-T Shortsleeve, BLK [Modelling Toys]
Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, MC [Soldier Story]
Ares Gear Ranger Belt w/Cobra Buckle [Damtoys]

Ops-Core FAST Maritime Helmet, AOR1 [Soldier Story]
Ops-Core Head-Loc Retention System H-Nape [Soldier Story]
Wilcox L4G32 NVG Mount System [Soldier Story]
GPNVG-18 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle [Damtoys]
Manta Strobe Light [Damtoys]

Oakley Gascan SI Sunglasses [Easy&Simple]
Bare Hands [Soldier Story]
Salomon Vega Mid GTX Hiking Boots [Soldier Story]

Crye Precision Navy Jumpable Plate Carrier (NJPC), MC [Soldier Story]
Crye Precision JPC MBITR Radio Pouch, MC (2x) [Soldier Story]
LBT-9008A Modular Single Frag Grenade Pouch, AOR1 [Damtoys]
LBT-9011A Modular Single Smoke Grenade Pouch, AOR1 [Damtoys]
LBT-9039A Modular Assault Pack, AOR1 [Soldier Story]
Mobile Phone Pouch, MC [Damtoys]

LBT-9022B Medical Blowout Kit Pouch, MC [Soldier Story]

Peltor Com-Tac III Advanced Communication Headset (ACH) Dual Channel ARC Variant [Soldier Story]
Nexus U-94 PTT (2x) [Easy&Simple]
AN/PRC-148 MBITR (2x) [Easy&Simple]
TCI M.A.S.T. Antenna Relocation Kit (2x) [Easy&Simple]
WHIP Antenna [Easy&Simple]
Long Range Antenna [Unbranded]

HK416D 5.56mm Carbine [Easy&Simple]
w/Remington RAHG
w/Magpul CTR Stock
w/Magpul MOE Grip
w/Surefire FH556-215A Flash Hider
Magpul Backup Iron Sight – Rear (MBUIS) [Easy&Simple]
Magpul Backup Iron Sight – Front (MBUIS) [Easy&Simple]
EOTech EXPS3 Holosight [Easy&Simple]
EOTech G33STS 3x Magnifier [Easy&Simple]
Surefire SOCOM556RC Sound Suppressor [Easy&Simple]
Magpul RVG Hand Grip [Easy&Simple]
Surefire M300C Mini Scout Light [Easy&Simple]
LA-5/PEQ Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL) [Easy&Simple]
Lancer L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine (3x) [Easy&Simple]

Crye Precision Gunclip [Soldier Story]
Glock 19 Pistol [Soldier Story]
9mm G19 Pistol Magazine [Soldier Story]

LT Wright GNS Bushcraft Knife - Scandi Grind [Easy&Simple]
M67 Frag Grenade [Damtoys]
M18 Smoke Grenade [Damtoys]

Carabiner [Soldier Story]
TQS Military Emergency Tourniquet GenIII, MC [Soldier Story]
Petzl Tac-Tikka Plus Headlamp [Damtoys]
Light Sticks [Damtoys]
Suunto Watch [Damtoys]
Ball Pen (2x) [Damtoys]
Tactical Wrist Band, sand [Damtoys]
Black Obsidian Bracelet [Damtoys]
I-Phone [Damtoys]
Tri-Fold Restraints Plasticuffs [Damtoys]

US Flag IR [Patch]
DEVGRU Gold Team “Gold Knights” [Patch]
DEVGRU Gold Team “Crusader” [Patch]


Holy shi…my friend. That is awsome and for me one of your best Figures. Very nice part selection and it comes together like the parts were was made for this. :+1: :+1: :+1:
The antenna looks fantastic.
Reminds me on that photo

Thank you very much! I took this one for reference:


Definitely an awesome figure and spot on the ref pic, which ss figure did that plate carrier come from? I don’t remember ever seeing anyone make that front flap version in mc, or was that custom made?

The NJPC is a customized JPC from Soldier Story!

Really exceptional work on this one oso. Love everything about it.

Very cool… Great job!

You know something…I knew I was not the only one who listed all the parts and the manufacturer. Here is an early example (2005 or 2006).

I was wondering where you got the antenna from…from an old bbi one…that is super.

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Pretty slick. I like it.