OSO1021 - DEVGRU - Blue Squadron - Personal Security Detail


Photography-setup inspired by the generous photo-setup guide from CrimsonGhost138! Thank you!


Nice and simple. Looks good to me.

Naval Special Warfare Development Group
Blue Squadron - Personal Security Detail
Herat Province, Afghanistan (July 10, 2019)

S2.5 Body [Soldier Story]
Head Sculpt [Soldier Story]

Long Sleeve Underwear, BLK [MCToys]
Crye Precision G3 All Weather Combat Shirt, MC (cut off sleeves) [Easy&Simple]
Crye Precision Gen2 Field Pants AC, MC [Easy&Simple]
B9 Fancy Stitched Belt [Easy&Simple]

Baseball Cap, BLK [Easy&Simple]

Ops-Core FAST Maritime Helmet, AOR1 [Easy&Simple]
Ops-Core Head-Loc Retention System H-Nape [Easy&Simple]
Wilcox L4G32 NVG Mount System [Easy&Simple]
GPNVG-18 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle w/Remote Battery [Easy&Simple]
Princeton Tec Charge Pro MPLS Helmet Light [Easy&Simple]
S&S Manta Strobe Light [Easy&Simple]

Gatorz Radiator Sunglasses [Modeling Toys]
Bare Hands [Soldier Story]
Rocky S2V Waterproof Insulated Military Duty Boots [Damtoys]

Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier 2.0 (JPC2.0), MC [Easy&Simple]
Crye Precision AVS Detachable Flap M4, MC [Easy&Simple]
Crye Precision JPC MBITR Radio Pouch, MC [Easy&Simple]
Crye Precision General Purpose Pouch Small, MC [Easy&Simple]
Admin Pouch, MC [Easy&Simple|
LBT-6110A Single M4/M9 Mag Pouch, MC [Easy&Simple]

LBT-9022B Medical Blowout Kit Pouch, MC Black [Easy&Simple]

Crye Precision AVS 1000 Pack, MC [Easy&Simple]

AN/PRC-148 MBITR w/Thales Handmic [Damtoys]
Kenwood TK-5400 Portable Radio [DiD]

HK416D 5.56mm Carbine [Easy&Simple]
w/Geissele SMR
w/Mission First Battlelink Minimalist Stock
w/Mission First Engage Pistol Grip
w/Surefire FH556-215A Flash Hider
Magpul Backup Iron Sight – Rear (MBUIS) [Easy&Simple]
Magpul Backup Iron Sight – Front (MBUIS) [Easy&Simple]
EOTech EXPS3 Holosight [Easy&Simple]
EOTech G33STS 3x Magnifier [Easy&Simple]
Magpul RVG Hand Grip [Damtoys]
Surefire M300C Mini Scout Light [Damtoys]
LA-5/PEQ Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL) [Easy&Simple]
Magpul PMAG20 5.56mm Magazine, BLK [Easy&Simple]
Magpul EMAG30 5.56mm Magazine (3x) [Easy&Simple]
Magpul EMAG30 5.56mm Magazine w/Ranger Plate [Easy&Simple]

Safariland 6354DO ALS Optic Mid-Ride Holster Light, MC Black [Easy&Simple]
Mk25 Mod0 Pistol w/MRDS [Damtoys]
9mm P226 Pistol Magazine (2x) [Damtoys]

CRKT Knife [Soldier Story]
Mk13 Mod0 Diversionary Grenade (“Flash Crash”) [Easy&Simple]

North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) [Damtoys]
Military Watch [Soldier Story]
Tri-Fold Restraints Plasticuffs [Soldier Story]

US Flag [Patch]
Blue Squadron – The Bones [Patch]

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Looks great! I think I know the reference you used for this one… the 416 in particular looks great.

Wow, much better now that he’s all kitted out. The cut-off sleeves and undershirt look really good.