OSO1026 - DEVGRU - Silver Squadron Airborne Sniper

OSO1026 – ST6 Silver Somalia 2017
Naval Special Warfare Development Group – SEAL Team 6
Tactical Development And Evaluation Squadron 5 – Silver Squadron
U.S. Central Command Operations, Somalia (February - May, 2017)


2.0 Narrow Shoulders Body [Damtoys]
Head Sculpt [Easy&Simple]

Arc’teryx LEAF Chimera Shirt, Crocodile [Easy&Simple]
Arc’teryx LEAF Sphinx Combat Pants, MC [Easy&Simple]
LBT-0612F Riggers Belt w/Extraction Loops [Easy&Simple]

Arc’teryx Beanie, Grey [Easy&Simple]
Neck Gaiter [Soldier Story]

Ops-Core FAST Ballistic Maritime Helmet, AOR1 [Damtoys]
Ops-Core Head-Loc Retention System H-Nape [Damtoys]
Wilcox L4G32 NVG Mount System [Damtoys]
GPNVG-18 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle w/Remote Battery [Easy&Simple Gen2]
Princeton Tec Charge Pro MPLS Helmet Light [Damtoys]
S&S Manta Strobe Light [Damtoys]

Bendable Hands w/OR Lightweight FR Gloves [Soldier Story]
Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boots [Soldier Story]

S&S Precision Plate Frame, MC [MiniTimes]
S&S Precision Radio Pouch, MC (2x) [Soldier Story]
LBT-6146C Triple Bungee Single Magazine Ammo Pouch, MC [Damtoys]

LBT-9022B Medical Blowout Kit Pouch, AOR1 [Damtoys]

Peltor Com-Tac III Advanced Communication Headset (ACH) w/AS SF Single Com PTT [Soldier Story/Easy&Simple]
AN/PRC-148 MBITR [Soldier Story]

HK416D 5.56mm Carbine [Easy&Simple]
w/DD Modular Float Rail
w/Magpul MOE SL Stock
w/Magpul MOE Grip
w/Surefire SOCOM 3-Prong Flash Hider
Leupold Mark 8 1.1-8x24mm CQBSS Scope [Delusional]
AN/PVS-27 Magnum Universal Night Sight (MUNS) [Easy&Simple]
Aimpoint Micro T-1 Sight w/Tactical Offset Rail Adapter [Easy&Simple]
Tango Down Vertical Fore Grip (Stubby) [Soldier Story]
Surefire Sound Suppressor [Easy&Simple]
LA-5/PEQ Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (ATPIAL) [Easy&Simple]
Magpul EMAG30 5.56mm Magazine (4x) [Easy&Simple]

BHI CQC SERPA Paddle Holster P226 [Easy&Simple]
Mk25 Mod0 Pistol (SIG Sauer P226R) [Damtoys Gen1]
9mm P226 Pistol Magazine [Damtoys Gen1]

Emerson CQC-12 Folding Knife [Easy&Simple]

Yates 565 Frog SF Personal Retention Lanyard w/Kong Frog Quick Disconnect [Easy&Simple]
Tactical Medic Scissors [Easy&Simple]
Tactical Wristband Map Pouch [Damtoys]

US Flag IR [Patch]
DEVGRU Silver Squadron [Patch]
DEVGRU RECCE Sniper [Patch]


The figure is based on these reference images of Silver operotor Kyle Milleken (RIP) and another unknown operator.


Awesome bash, some really nice points of interest. I like what you did with the rifle especially.

Very nice work. The 416 with that scope is looking awsome. Really badass. Nice compilation of different colors and manufactures. You got the look very good. Good use of the S&S Precision PC.

Looks great well done :+1:

Excellent figure oso2013.

Simple uncluttered look. :+1:

I have the same head for a project of mine, but I need to do some surgery to get it to fit on the chosen body.

Thanks for the kind words! :blush: