OSO2017 - SEAL Team 4 - Just Cause

Here’s my second “old school” SEAL:

SEAL Team 4
Operation Just Cause - “Task Unit Papa”
Paitilla Airfield, Panama (1989)

S2.0 Body [Soldier Story]
Head Sculpt LeBaron James [Copycat]

Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) Shirt, Woodland [BBI]
Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) Pants, Woodland [BBI]
Duty Belt [BBI]

Bandana [unbranded]

Bare Hands [Soldier Story]
Jungle Boots DMS “Panama Sole” [Toy Soldier]

ALICE LC-2 Individual Equipment Belt V.1 [Toy Soldier]
ALICE LC-2 Water Canteen Cover w/one-quart Water Canteen (2x) [Toy Soldier]
ALICE Strobe Light Case [Toy Soldier]
ALICE Field Pack [Toy Soldier]
M1967 H-Suspenders Nylon [Toy Soldier]
LBT-0262A Belt M60 100rd Ammo Pouch, OD (3x) [Toy Soldier]
Tropical Survival Kit [Toy Soldier]

M60E3 7.62mm Lightweight Machine Gun [Dragon]
7.62mm Ammo Links [Barrack Sergeant]

Eagle SAS MK3 Drop Leg Holster Airborne Style [Ace]
M1911A1 .45 Pistol [Damtoys]
.45 ACP M1911 Magazine (2x) [Damtoys]

M72 Light Anti-Armor Weapon (LAW) [Hot Toys]

Special Forces Bowie Knife [Dragon]
M18 Smoke Grenade (2x) [Hot Toys]

LPU-28 UDT Life Jacket [BBI]
SDU-5E Strobe Light [Dragon]
Chem Light [BBI]
Mark 13 Day/Night Signal Flare [BBI]


Outstanding again oso. Love the E3 and the LAW.

the face is very impresionnant … superb figure :heart_eyes:

Very nice work, how did you find the LeBron head sculpt to be scale wise to the SS 2.0 body that you used? I have been trying to decide on whether to buy one or not, but when I ordered the Darth Maul head sculpts from overseas a few months back I found they were smaller than an actual 1:6th scale head [at least smaller than the 1st gen. SS Darth Maul I owns head sculpt], and when I lined it up with the neck and body I am using for my kitbash.

Cool Figure. I like this period a lot. These guys looks like good old Special Forces. Woodland works alwyas for a cool bash.

Thank you for your comment. I loce the E3 too!:wink:

Thank you! It was hard work to find the right head.

Try and error!:grin: A lot of head sculpts are a litte to big for SS bodies, but this one works well. It fits better than the Kaustic Plastik one I used before!

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:+1: There’s more woodland in the pipeline! :wink:

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Always good news :grin::+1:

First look!:wink:

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Uuuh, very promising :+1: