OSO2021C - SDVT-1 - Operations Red Wings Team Leader

OSO2021C – SDVT-1 Astan 2005 (Team Leader)
SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE
Operation Red Wings
Kunar Province, Afghanistan (June, 2005)

3.0 Action Body [Damtoys]
Head Sculpt [Damtoys]

UA Long Sleeve Underwear [Damtoys]
Desert Combat Uniform (DCU) Shirt, 3C-Desert [Damtoys]
Desert Combat Uniform (DCU) Pants, 3C-Desert [Damtoys]
LBT-0612A Riggers Belt [Damtoys]

Boonie Hat, 3C-Desert [Damtoys]
Shemagh [Damtoys]

Pro-Tec Ace Full Cut Helmet [Damtoys]
Wilcox L2G05 NVG Mount System [Damtoys]
AN/PVS-15 Binocular Night Vision System (BNVS) [Damtoys]
ESS Low-Profile Goggles [Damtoys]

Oakley Monster Dog Sunglasses [Damtoys]
Bendable Hands [Damtoys]
Mechanix The Original Gloves [Damtoys]
Asolo FSN95 GTX Hiking Boots [Damtoys]

MLCS Rhodesian Recon Vest (RRV), MJK [Damtoys]
MLCS MBITR Radio Pouch, MJK [Damtoys]
MLCS M4 Double Mag Pouch, MJK (2x) [Damtoys]
MLCS Triple 40mm Grenade Pouch, MJK [Damtoys]
MLCS Utility Pouch, MJK [Damtoys]

Kelty MAP 3500 Backpack, MJK [Damtoys]

Invisio M3 In-Ear Bone Conduction Headset w/TEA Universal Model E3 PTT [Damtoys]
AN/PRC-148 MBITR [Damtoys]

M4A1 5.56mm SOPMOD Carbine [Damtoys]
w/M203A1 9” Barrel 40mm Grenade Launcher
Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) 4x32 w/Docter Sight [Damtoys]
AN/PEQ-2 Infrared Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Laser (ITPIAL) [Damtoys]
USGI M4 5.56mm 30rd Magazine (9x) [Damtoys]
40mm HE Grenade (3x) [Damtoys]

Safariland Paddle Holster [Subway]
SIG Sauer P226 Navy Pistol [Damtoys Gen2]
9mm P226 Pistol Magazine [Damtoys Gen2]

AN-M8 Smoke HC Grenade [Damtoys]

Bungee Retention Cord w//Petzl Eashook Open Carabiner [Damtoys]
BHI Locking D Carabiner (2x) [Damtoys]
Tactical Medical Solutions SOF-Tourniquet (SOF-T) [Damtoys]
VIP IR Strobe Light [Damtoys]
Casio G-Shock Watch [Soldier Story]
Garmin Rino 520 Handheld GPS [Damtoys]
Satellite Phone [Damtoys]

Nalgene OTG Water Bottle [Damtoys]
Packed Camouflage Netting [Damtoys]

US Flag [Patch]
Engine 53 Ladder 43 [Patch]
IR Glint [Patch]


Yet again and as always, great work oso!

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My favorite of the group, good work!

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Nice one oso. I plan to complete the team myself but this has to go to the backburner for now due to a big change in 1/1.

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