OSO2024 - SEAL Team 3 - Afghanistan

Naval Special Warfare Squadron Three
SEAL Team 3
Daykundi Province, Afghanistan (April, 2012)

S2.5 Body [Soldier Story]
Head Sculpt [Soldier Story]

Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, MC [Damtoys]
Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, MC [Damtoys]
LBT-0612A Riggers Belt [Easy&Simple]
Tactical Concealment Viper Hood [ZYToys]

Boonie Hat, AOR1 [Easy&Simple]

Bare Hands [Soldier Story]
Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boots [Soldier Story]

MOS Tactical SPAV-W (Special Purpose Armed Vest-W), AOR1 [Easy&Simple]
LBT-6061A Enhanced Radio Pouch, AOR1 [Easy&Simple]
Front Open Large Radio Pouch, AOR1 [Easy&Simple]
Eagle Single Smoke Grenade Pouch V2, AOR1 [Easy&Simple]

Crye Precision Pistol Single Mag Pouch, MC (2x) [Easy&Simple]
LBT-9022B Medical Blowout Kit Pouch, MC [Damtoys]

Mystery Ranch SATL Assault Pack, AOR1 [Easy&Simple]

Silynx C4Ops Tactical Headset System (In Ear Headset & Micro C4Ops Control Box) [Soldier Story]
AN/PRC-148 MBITR [Soldier Story]
AN/PRC-152 Radio [Soldier Story]
WHIP Antenna (2x) [Soldier Story]

Mk20 Mod0 7.62mm Support Sniper Rifle (SSR) [Easy&Simple]
KAC Folding Rear Sight 200-600m [Easy&Simple]
KAC Flip-Up Folding Front Sight [Easy&Simple]
Nightforce 3.5-15x50 NXS Scope [Easy&Simple]
Harris BLM-S Bipod [Easy&Simple]
7.62mm SCAR-H Magazine (4x) [Easy&Simple]

BHI CQC SERPA Holster [Easy&Simple]
Mk24 Mod0 Combat Assault Pistol (HK45CT) [Easy&Simple]
.45 HK Pistol Magazine (3x) [Easy&Simple]

Emerson CQC-12 Folding Knife [Easy&Simple]
M18 Smoke Grenade [Easy&Simple]

Carabiner [Damtoys]
Dyneema Ultraline w/Carabiners [Soldier Story]
Gerber Multi-Plier w/Pouch [Damtoys]
Casio G-Shock Watch [Soldier Story]
Garmin Foretrex 101 GPS [Soldier Story]
Ball Pen (2x) [Damtoys]
Military Binoculars [Hot Toys]
Water Bottle [Flagset]
Realtree Camo Hunting Jacket [DAM]

US Flag [Patch]
Blackbird [Patch]


Looks great oso. :slight_smile:

Very nice Sniper. Looks really great. The facial expression of the head looks cool in that combination.